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Children's jealousy towards parents

The younger your first-born, the stronger andA clear manifestation of childish jealousy for parents you will find it. Some children show aggression towards the baby. However, they will most of all negate their negative impact on you, who have deprived him of attention.
Children's jealousy towards their parents is a very insidious thing. It is possible that your first child will begin to imitate the habits and actions of the newborn to check whether you still love him. So children's jealousy for parents can manifest themselves in new nighttime urination, sucking fingers, constant whining. The motive that he will be guided by is attracting your attention to him.

Do not scold him for such behavior. Do not just use the punishment for wet bedding and clothes. On the face of all the facts that he has childish jealousy for his parents, and he suffers from a lack of attention.
It is important not to forget that children's jealousy towardsParents - this is the protective reaction of your first child to the appearance of an opponent in the house. So it's better to do everything in advance so that your child does not have a childish jealousy for parents because of a newborn brother or sister.

Try, as often as possible, to allocate time forHis jealous. That children's jealousy toward their parents does not manifest itself with renewed vigor, causing anxiety both for yours and for him, you should explain to the older child that you still love him. Confirm this with your deeds and deeds.

Here are a few tips to ensure that children's jealousy towards their parents was not strong and went pretty quickly with your first child.
- remember that great importance for yourThe first baby have familiar life situations. In no case do not deprive the first child of his familiar things: cribs, toys, rooms. If you told him a tale for the night, then do not forget to do it, as you did before. Observe the familiar and familiar traditions and connections with the first child and, if possible, give the usual course to the events in your home.

Do not forget about the fact that the eldest child is also a little man. Just a little more than a newborn.
Also, children's jealousy for parents canArise if you begin to impose high demands on the first-born, which he will not be able to understand and fulfill. Do not force him into a corner with such phrases as: "Do not touch, do not touch it."
Encourage any manifestation of love for your older child and answer the same.

If children's jealousy for parents acquiresManic character, and the child becomes uncontrollable, then try to switch his attention to something else. For example, give him the terms of reference and the tasks that he will do. Then the older child will feel the need for you. Do not act on the residual principle in dealing with him. He immediately understands it, and childish jealousy for parents will also get a sludge of offense against you.

Try to share time with your husband,Which you spend with children. As they say, two children - two parents who can substitute for each other. When the father, for example, will spend time with the older child, walking with him in a park or a circus, then the child's jealousy towards his parents will begin to pass. He will understand that we love our parents the same way as before the appearance of the second child.

Show your eldest son or daughter that theyAlready adults and can do what their younger brother or sister can not. This fact will give more confidence to the child that you love and appreciate him. Then the children's jealousy towards their parents will gradually pass away. He will start, feel like your assistant and will gladly take care of the newborn.

And, at last, we note that children's jealousy towards their parents is a completely solvable problem that you can solve on your own. Have patience, and it will return to you thanks to your kids.

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