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Friendship and ending sex

Philosophers, psychologists and psychotherapists alwaysI wonder why the myth of friendship between the male and female principles still remains a myth, rather than a reality. Sometimes we ourselves can not understand in what status we want to see a friend of a woman or a man who is next to us. Then we hold him on the bench and call him the best friend, then in a fit of passion we arrange an unforgettable night of love, which, incidentally, does not prevent him from transferring back to the reserve.

In addition - friendship and in the end sex hasMany pitfalls. The danger is that we ourselves are not able to objectively evaluate our own desires and thoughts. What we sometimes take as friendship can be a psychologically veiled desire to attract the attention of the opposite sex. So it's not easy to draw a line between real friendship, sexual attraction and romantic relationships. Even if you yourself are sure that there is a friendship between a man and a woman, then you can not always be sure what this "friend" of the opposite sex thinks. So, that "friends" are great danger "to embellish" your friendship still exists.

If you are married or going toFuture legitimize your relationship, then the presence of a friend or girlfriend will entail, at best, a lack of understanding, and can also cause jealousy on the part of your legal or future satellite. Therefore, if you decide to leave yourself a friend or girlfriend while in your marriage, please make sure that no more attention is paid to a friend or girlfriend than to your legitimate partner.

Protect from the fact that friendship does not develop intoRelations are closer, very difficult, and for many it does not make sense at all. And if you or your friend felt that friendship has flowed into a romantic relationship, and there is no opportunity to become a husband and wife, then you or your friend doom yourself to very strong emotional experiences. Therefore, you need to think seriously before you make friends of the opposite sex. No, this does not mean that they can not be started, just to resolve this issue it is necessary to take a share of irony.

So, the friendship between a man and a woman -Perhaps an unnatural relationship that can exist as long as people like each other, need each other, or need mutual support. But if the circumstances are higher or the situation develops in such a way that there is no way to have a romantic or love relationship for one of them. In the future, as a rule, it turns out that one was hopelessly in love and not to receive a refusal agreed to the role of "friend."

But do not be afraid of friendship. In life everything happens: and each pair of the finals is individual and will not be repeated. It is necessary to cherish your friendship, in whatever form it manifests itself. Do not be afraid of sex, as the final stage of friendly relations, maybe this is the beginning of a new relationship - marriage. Remember that we are building our own future with our own thoughts and actions. So let's learn how to create your destiny, not destroy it.

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