/ How to live after the death of a husband?

How to live after the death of a husband?

How to live after the death of a husband? Psychologists answer this question in such a way that it is not worth taking out of the stupor in the first days, since "protective inhibition" is triggered in the human body. If a person falls into such a disconnected state after such stress, it means that the body needs it to avoid a stronger trauma of the psyche on the contrary. With the loss of her husband, the organization of a funeral can help to get rid of the stupor, since this ritual is for that purpose invented so that the living can say goodbye to a loved one, thereby the person partially removes his depressed state with his emotions.

Then the best medicine for stressAfter the death of her husband is the social adaptation of his wife. Collecting various certificates of death, ringing your family and friends, organizing a funeral feast - all this will help a person to return to life after the death of a spouse.

The transition of man to life must be carried outGradually, so in no case can not rush a person. The main danger that can only delay the process of protective braking is the intake of alcoholic beverages or the taking of various medications. The intake of various medications in the first days of stress is of course necessary, but further intake of these drugs will only aggravate the process of returning a person from a state of stupor. And if a person starts to abuse alcohol and pills, he can remain in this state.

Also help to get out of the braking stateWatching a movie or listening to music, while preferably positive. If your husband was a cheerful person, and you once watched the movie together, watching a movie can lift your spirits and bring you back to life.

For people who believe, the church can become a consolation,Because there is a powerful comforting psychotherapy. All the church burial rituals are very accurately and precisely spelled out, which help many people. Also in the church you can put a candle on your departed husband, which for many people is also very significant consolation. It is also possible to help communication with a priest who can omit you the sins that tormented you so much. Therefore, those who are believers, the church is a powerful means of returning to life after the death of her husband. If a person has not been in the church for a long time and if he is not close to him in spirit, then it is strictly forbidden to drag a person there, because it can only do harm.

If the wife who lost her husband, went toWork, then his condolences will be very appropriate. Colleagues can also offer any help in organizing funerals, funerals, etc. But too much to fumble an employee who needs grief in the family and does not meddle in person unless he himself wanted to do so. And do not be a man, completely free from work, because you need to remember that a person needs social adaptation. In other words, a person's return to normal working conditions will only help return to life. If a person breaks down on his employee, his colleagues should not pay attention and just stay away for a while, so that their colleague realizes his mistake and apologized. And this means that there are signs of the restoration of the psyche and it gradually comes to its senses after the loss of its loved one.

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