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How to establish relations between husband and wife

If the partner is constantly swearing. At what for any reason, whether it is not cooked borscht or not ironed shirt. It's just that your partner has such a lifestyle - constantly resent, mumble and teach.

Another type - lovers of humiliation. This can often be attributed to men, when by their behavior and attitude, he destroys the whole self-esteem of a woman and degrades her dignity.

Your partner in life is a brawler. And your family life is every day a new series of the Brazilian TV series, where passions are seething and because of jealousy vases are broken.

The last option - your second half likes"Take a walk on the side." To argue that this is characteristic only for men is impossible, our beloved women no longer concede to the strong half of humanity for treason.

Any conflict between husband and wife is a problem within the family, within each of the members of the "cell of society".

You ask how to establish a relationship betweenHusband and wife? The answer is. But, there is one condition, to return and establish relations between husband and wife perhaps if there are at least some feelings and there is a desire to save the family.

First of all, understand, what exactly, you are notArranges in these relations. What would you like to change? What is wrong with your partner? Only to solve this issue it is necessary to approach very seriously, clearly and competently to build the answers, so that your partner has a guide to action. Naturally, one must be prepared for the fact that your behavior and attitudes may not suit your spouse.

It is possible to establish relations between husband and wife,If you show love and respect. Do not try to enslave a partner and humiliate him - it will only further upset your relationship. Be attuned to positive communication. If want, that to you concerned with respect, first of all show it.

If you are not the first year together, then, naturally inThe soul of each of you has accumulated a sea of ​​unspoken grievances, disappointments, claims. Therefore, a positive attitude, trust and mutual respect will help create an atmosphere in which each of the spouses will feel comfortable. If you are in a relationship, if you see more positive, then set your spouse on the same wave. Then, each of you, will be able to realize his mistakes and find a way out of the situation, without becoming angry even more.

You can try a kind of game -Exchange a positive attitude. That is, having decided that each of you is not satisfied and what you would like to receive from a partner. Have a barter. You give and receive the desired in return. For example, you want your spouse to meet you after work, and he wants every evening, before going to bed, you have the opportunity to listen to him. After all, nothing is easier than trying to hear and understand a loved one.

Do not be afraid to be diplomatic. Family relations - this is a very time-consuming process, requiring the spouses to complete their efforts. Discuss and look for solutions in such matters as joint leisure, recreation, budgeting, the distribution of household duties, your sexual relations, a manifestation of tenderness. Make your family business plan, which will include the entire list of desires, your and your spouse.

And, last, there is one more answer toThe question that tormented you: how to establish relations between husband and wife? Find a time when you both will be free from working moments, family life and children. Devote this time to each other. Remember the past when you were happy and the clouds were not gathering over your heads yet.

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