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How easy it is to manipulate people

Theory of behavior.

Define the goal. It is important to know what you really want, even in everyday trivia, and then you can easily manipulate people. At this stage, you need to set yourself an accurate goal. For example, a friend invited you to visit with an overnight stay, and you do not know how to make time for this, since you need to prepare for the exam, which will be the day after the night party. Or tomorrow you have a first date with a guy of your dreams, and a guy is simply vital to convince yourself that you are the best.

Receiving a spy.

Well, you know who you'll have to talk to. Now it remains to find as much information about this person as possible, then it will be much easier to manipulate. For example, the interests and desires of a potential guy learn from common acquaintances, peek at the page Vkontakte, LJ or ICQ; Information about the company, where you are waiting for an interview, just collect on the Internet, you need to know more about people. It is important to find exactly what interests you most - then attention to the person will be sincere, and this is a big plus. Everyone is pleased to know that he is someone interesting. But it will be much better if you know the interests of the interlocutor not only "by name".

Change of places.

You know what you want, but this tooNot enough. Put yourself in the place of a guy, parents, teacher or director of the organization, where you want to go to work, and try to answer the question what they want from you. The guy wants to see the ideal girl (it remains only to guess how he imagines the ideal); Parents - that you were honest and independent, so that it would be easy to communicate with you; Teacher - just do not want to put you 5, if you remember the lectures for four minus.

Work on the image.

Advertising claims that the image is nothing, but the people'sWisdom says the opposite: they meet on clothes. And to easily manipulate people, you must always be on top. 80% of the visual information about the interlocutor we get, looking at his face, 20% of the information gives clothes. Appearance will say about you almost everything much earlier than you have time to open your mouth. The first impression sets the tone for communication, everything else will already be perceived biased - positively or negatively. On appointments it is better to avoid clothes of blue or brown shades - they are subconsciously perceived as asexual, even if you are very much going. At the interview, try to do without bright color combinations, deep decollete and catchy make-up - these details, of course, will attract attention, but not to you, but to yourself when you need the opposite.

Direct speech.

Try not to use the words "insertions" ("ifWant "," somehow "," I would say ") - they will immediately give out your self-doubt. While the words "great", "of course", "just like that" will be much more useful, because they will create a positive attitude. Avoid combinations: "I would like ....", "It seems interesting to me ...", "I came to the conclusion ...", "You do not know about it ...." Replace them with "You want ...", "You will be interested to know .... "," You probably already heard about this ... ". This is a demonstration of respect, which will be pleasant to everyone, and therefore it will be easier to manipulate people. Moreover, the interlocutor will start to think that the "author" of the decision, in which you want to convince him, is he, not you.

Have time in 30 seconds.

Media studies have shown that 30 seconds isThe amount of attention of the average viewer, after which he begins to be distracted by other objects. This time you should be enough to say what you want, cause interest, express any thought and convince the interlocutor.

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