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How to forget the resort romance

But! Girls, be very attentive. Still, you are beings, for the most part, receptive, amorous and vulnerable. And from these holiday romances, of course, the soul sings and the head goes around, but nevertheless the brain is foggy. Simply put, do not lose your head. We must always be on the alert. Here are some tips to help you forget the resort romance.

So how to forget the holiday romance? And here's your advice first advice:

Live this novel, stay in itRomantic mood longer. Why? Yes, because it is in a state of love that the girls are especially beautiful (there are plenty of different hormones in your body, at least doctors say so), plus this is a tan and ... voila! You are the most beautiful in this stuffy metropolis! And so you go along the street (remembering the resort romance, naturally), prettier after a trip to rest, and the women escort you with an envious glance, the men turn around to you ... Meanwhile your self-esteem soars to the skies! Look around! This world is beautiful and without resort romances!

Tip number 2. Take a look around the second time. I ask to be more attentive! The resort macho is good, of course, but there are not a few men in your hometown, worthy of your attention. Maybe they do not have that chocolate tan, a southern accent, some special charm, but they do not get any worse! Allow them to pay attention to you, plunge headlong into a new relationship, while not forgetting the lessons of the first board (self-esteem at the highest level).

Another thing, if you are waiting for the other half of the house. How, why and why did you change it, does not matter, but he does not need to know anything about the novel on vacation, do not even try to explain anything to him, it will not help! No tear confessions, no sms-ok to the south. All have forgotten. But I do not remember, so it was not. In extreme cases, we keep everything in ourselves. Hold your tongue tightly. In this case, you just need to wait out - time heals. Your second (home) half will help you forget the resort romance. I do not know how, but he will succeed, provided he loves you. If you confess to treason, he will never forgive you for this.

Well, if that did not help, then tip number 3. Fill your life with something interesting. Let it be anything: shopping, meetings with friends, cinema, knitting, cross-stitching, mountain skiing. Our main task after the novel is to forget, so immerse yourself in a new business! You'll see, all romanticism will soon be forgotten.

And the last tip. Do not take the holiday romance as a big event in your life. Well, walked under the moon, well, they fell about in the sand. All this has already ended, and life, as is known, continues.

P.S. On my eyes I recently got a note in a popular weekly about a lady who was very fond of earning money on holiday romances. She started a novel, without saying a word about payment, and already on the second or third night knew everything about this macho: address, phone, marital status. Then, on arrival home, she called this man and asked for money for abortion, calling a tidy sum. By the way, for the resort she "became pregnant" several dozen times.

Ksenia Ivanova, Especially for www.allwomens.ru
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