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Search for a potential partner

In sexual experiences there is a component,Including the traditions of the family, in which a man and a component were brought up, and a component that is eventually lost. There are still characteristics of the character and perception of the opposite sex, which also affects the choice. And the conditions of the society in which the personality was formed.

When looking for potential partners of men -Conditionally distinguish the following types of partners: male-friend, male-father, male-lover, male-son and different age categories, which the woman prefers.

Psychologists clearly represent the differences between men fromWomen. Women do not perceive sexual relations as physical relationships, less often they change partners, less often they fantasize and their fantasies are less saturated than in men. For women, the main prelude to relationships.

For a man when choosing a partner is particularly significantIs the nature of physical relationships (whether family is a relationship or casual sex), they are more sincere in intimate relationships, while easily changing their sexual partners.

Choosing a partner is a natural process,Uncontrollable. Women perceive a huge number of men, of whom one is singled out. I would like to spend more time with him, to maintain relations that are gradually developing. For a woman, one man is able to fill all of her space, her whole life.

There is an expression: "A man is looking for a woman from his rib" - an ideal case where two find each other, and are perfectly suited to each other. When they are able to experience the greatest difficulties and problems together. This is a great happiness.

Sexual instinct is triggered instantly andnaturally. A woman always chooses to herself not only a friend, not only an adherent. She chooses first of all a potential partner, a lover worthy of herself.

Choosing a partner is a paradox based on the relationship of unreal people. Since unreal people are a reflection of themselves.

Ksenia Ivanova, Especially for www.allwomens.ru
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