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How to forget about treason and start a new life

The infidelity of a beloved man is recognized by differentWays: His Majesty the case, all the well-wishers in the best way - in any case, this is a whole range of feelings - succeeding each other. In any case, the question "Can not be!" Changes, "What to do and how to continue living with this?" And we are turning from a mistress - destiny into a victim - a villain. In any case, if you decide to keep a family - then you want to learn to forget about treason and start a new life.

To forget about treason, Feng Shui experts recommend starting a new life with permutations in the house, depending on the sides of the world, useful and geopathic zones, energy flows.

Learn to be honest with yourself. We used to think about ourselves in an indifferent manner - in a faded dressing gown, forgetting to say hello from the morning with a comb. "We can, we are at home, I have a family, my husband, and I love this." Listen to your feelings: unpleasant sensations are a sure sign that this sphere needs changes.

Starting a new life you need to learn to live hereand now. This will help to enjoy every minute of life objectively respond to all events from the point of view of the past (which we want to change), but the present. It is necessary to start a new one with one main conviction that the past has rendered you invaluable service, thus we get rid of useless judgments that have appeared in the past. It is in the past that the causes of today's failures lie.

A new life is not an insult to oneself, toBeloved, a feeling of guilt, self-pity, and all this only lowers self-esteem. Learn not to scold yourself. After all, everything that we reinforce within ourselves - only increases, both positive and negative. Any aggression leads to a deplorable result.

Learn to set goals and achieve them. But while striving for the new, be sure to learn to enjoy the present. Otherwise, waiting for change risks becoming an annoyance about what is still not there or the achievement of goals is too slow. And with such a mood, a new life threatens to turn into an old one.

How to forget about treason and start a new life, eachChooses in own way, but, alas, to change in life parts it is impossible. First of all, you need to start with yourself and remember that you need to start small and then even the most daring dreams are necessarily implemented.

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