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Diet of the primitive man

Principle of diet.

As a result of research conducted by scientistsManaged to find out that the relationship between the onset of diseases and the deep processing of food is sufficiently substantiated. The main problem is the human consumption of a large number of processed foods and a small number of fresh ones. People trying to get rid of excess weight, began to exclude from their diet products that were subjected to deep heat treatment, and include in it what our ancestors could have obtained by hunting and gathering - fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, organic meat.

Products that were not available in the timesStone Age, fans of the diet of the primitive man are excluded from the diet and now. Basically, these are dairy products, legumes, potatoes, alcohol, coffee, butter, salt and refined sugar. According to the authors of the diet, the emergence of a large number of diseases in humans is associated with the development of industry and agriculture.

Also in this nutrition plan is included, so-called,A diet for blood groups, the main principle of which is the possibility of using certain products depending on the blood group. And, perhaps, the diet of the primitive (cave) person is a slightly altered Atkins diet, based on the use of a large amount of food containing proteins. But unlike the Atkins diet, where the consumption of fruits and vegetables should be minimal, a man's diet from the Stone Age suggests a moderate intake of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Advantages of diet.

When dieting cave man is recommendedTo eat organic food produced in the place of residence. For people suffering from celiac disease, the cave man's diet will be a good choice due to the lack of gluten in it. Also, it eliminates the calorie counting, which allows its supporters to receive up to 65% of calories daily. When using a plant diet, the amount of calories is about 20%.

A great advantage of the cave man's dietIs a high intake of protein foods, which positively affects the sufficient level of energy. Eggs, fried meat and fish are a valuable source of protein, and nuts containing many useful fatty acids are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Apples, strawberries, tomatoes, pears are the most common herbal products used in a large number of different diets.

Followers of the diet of caveman believe that it can prevent diseases such as hypertension, depression, colon tumors, overweight, diabetes mellitus of the second type.

Disadvantages of the diet.

In addition to diet supporters, there are manySkeptics who believe that the principles of diet are little substantiated. In their opinion, the fact that it is impossible to establish what our ancestors actually fed, make the cave man's diet insolvent.

In addition, because the diet excludes consumptionCarbohydrates contained in pasta, desserts and bread, it does not fit every category of people. A large number of consumed meat and animal products make this diet inaccessible to vegetarians. Unlimited protein intake can cause disruption of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, and increased cholesterol.

Since the diet of primitive people excludes fromConsumption of a large number of foods that are beneficial to the human body, many nutritionists doubt the correctness of its use. In addition, the level of life expectancy of our ancestors was significantly lower than now, and it would not be superfluous to think that the quality of cave people's nutrition played a significant role in this.

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