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What should be the ideal woman?

But here's what we managed to find out from moreRomantic and dreamy men. As shown by the survey, the ideal they call a wise woman who herself knows what men want her to see and behave accordingly. But how exactly we will tell you now.

So, the ideal woman is a woman who:
1. Never tries to show directly and openly what is above the man and wants to establish dominance over him.
2. Must necessarily be able from time to time to be capricious (of course in moderation!).
3. Capable of changing and adapting to the changing needs of men.
4. Very confident and liberated sexually.
5. Is able to flirt and build eyes.
6. Constantly improves skills in seducing and retaining men.

Of most social surveys,It turned out that the point of view of married and unmarried men in this matter is different. The thing is that the priorities for girls and women they have different. What should be ideal women, according to married men? First of all, economic, efficient and sensitive in relation to them and their problems. It is these qualities that they consider ideal features of a real woman, and they remember about beauty much less often. Unmarried as opposed to married, most of all in a woman appreciate her beauty, personality, femininity, as well as sensitivity and the ability to please a man.

This was the opinion of our defenders, but what do they thinkOn this occasion ladies? What should be the ideal woman in their opinion? Polls showed that for women, first of all, such qualities as beauty, bright personality, sexuality and style are important.

And what does the popular opinion say about the role of women in theThe upbringing of children? Here the opinion of most men and women converges. Women are softer and more diplomatic than men, therefore the leading role in their upbringing undoubtedly belongs to them.

Well, from a philosophical point of view, the ideal woman must first of all be harmoniously developed and constantly improve herself physically and mentally. However, just like a man.
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