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What can I forgive?

Do not be patient.

No, you can, of course, forgive everything until patienceWill not end. Just remember: swallowing all the grievances and discontent, you risk one day to break and throw everything on your loved one. In the heat, you remember him even that two years ago he stepped on the tail of a kitten, and the kitten walked sad for two days. Few guys in this situation will keep silent - and on this note your relationship will end. Forgiving him everything in the world, you yourself provoke him to curiosity in the style: "What happens if I do this?" - then do not be surprised that you are wiping your feet. There must be some restrictions. And the best thing is to stipulate them in advance: what exactly can not you forgive? Psychologists say that it is contraindicated in the relationship. Because when one tolerates (suffers), the second also has to be not sweet. And why then continue the relationship?

You can forgive:

Not romantic. He does not give you flowers. Do not meet in the limousine after class. Do not pretend to be your girlfriend. And indeed, a compliment from him can not wait. When you are alone, it does not exist more tenderly in your orbit. And when you are on the street, he does not even take your hand. This is absolutely unforgivable, if you need love in order for the others to become obfuscated. If you like to throw dust in your eyes. Only will it really be? Or that, present, you already have and you can forgive some imperfections?

Lies or something like that. He called you an hour later than promised, he said that he would go to the gym, and he was lying around at home in front of the TV. And you think that the guy does not keep his word, that you can not rely on him, and in general you can not forgive such a situation. Apparently, you are trying to "build" your beloved. Slow down, then you'll be the first to cry and say that you're tired of being a train and pulling on your shoulders.

Terrible relationships can also be forgiven. You always argue with him over trifles, and often the dispute turns into a quarrel, which, it seems to you, you can not forgive. The main thing is to learn from nothing. After all, if he keeps holding your hand all the time, silently caressing your eyes and kissing your legs, most likely, you will get tired of it first.

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