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How to marry a rich foreigner

So if you could not find your husband inYour country, try your luck with a foreigner. Of course, we will not give you advice on how to marry a rich foreigner, but we can help you to describe different traits of the nature of different nationalities. After all, each person has his own idea of ​​their ideal.

So, let's start with the Germans.
According to statistics, it is in the countries of Germany andAustria, most often marriages with the Russians. In Germany, men like you know, can not live without football and beer, but they do not harm their own family. The Germans have clearly planned their lives, and they observe their built-in schedule. You should know that the Germans are very punctual, which means that if you decide to link your life with it, you must be exactly the same. The Germans do not tolerate forgetfulness, they value order in everything. If you have the same qualities, then your choice is correct.

But do not expect what he will do to you right awayThe offer to marry him, the Germans are very calculating people. And before they make their choice, they weigh the pros and cons. But if you were suddenly offered to marry, be sure that he will not turn off his path.

Next, they are Italians. They say that the Italians are similar in natureWith the Russians. They can speak beautiful words, beautifully look after, pay for you in expensive restaurants, they are always on top. But there is one minus, they completely listen to their mother. And that she does not say, they will do, as she wants that. If it does not scare you, and you can find a common language with his mother, then choose an Italian.

Now let's talk about the French. The French are well versed in art, history,They like to talk about politics and they demand the same from their chosen one. They also can calmly flirt with another woman in front of your eyes and do not tolerate jealousy. If you decide to marry a Frenchman, then you must be a submissive, intelligent wife without any claims.

Well, if you decide to choose the husband of an Englishman, You must follow it everywhere and in everythingTraditions. They do not tolerate women who constantly talk about their problems, they are not accepted. You must be very smart, able to listen and always talk only about the good.

Now you know how to marry a rich foreigner and how to choose it correctly.

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