/ How can I stay so I do not eat at night?

How to resist, not to eat at night?

1. You must trick your stomach with liquid. In order to dull the feeling of hunger, drink as much liquid as possible. You can drink green tea or mineral water. Thus, your stomach will fill up and appear as if the stomach is full.

2. You can take a hot bath. It will reduce your appetite and relax you. And thanks to perspiration, you can remove excess fluid from the body.

3. If you feel that you can not endure hunger any more, you are haunted, try to distract yourself. For example, take up physical exercises. Thus, you can distract from thoughts about food and at the same time burn extra calories. But just do not do heavy loads, because after that you can not sleep properly.

4. To keep yourself not to eat at night, you can resort to aromatherapy. Sense of smell and hunger are located side by side and thus smells for a while will distract you from thoughts of food.

5. When you have supped, you should eat dessert. It can be fruit, low-fat yogurt, a small piece of chocolate. So you can cope with the appetite.

6. When you are dining, do not add food to spices and spices. They can increase appetite and exacerbate hunger, even if you already ate.

7. Let you have only fruit and vegetables in a prominent place. Hide high-calorie food away from the eyes. And if you suddenly get frustrated, it will not be scary if your snacks will consist of vegetables and fruits.

8. Try to go to sleep before going to bed. Fresh air will help to escape from thoughts about food.

9. You can also chew a chewing gum, it can deceive your hunger. The main thing that it was sugar-free and with a fruity taste.

10. Try to imagine yourself in the image of a slender and beautiful girl. Is this girl going to eat at night?

11. If this does not help, start looking at magazines showing slim and thin babes. Such views will help you beat off the whole appetite.

We hope that our advice how to hold back what not to eat at night will help you cope with this bad habit.

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