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How to survive betrayal and save the family?

It's not a secret for anyone that the bright, passionateLove lasts not all my life, but only 2-3 years, then a period of stability begins in relations. Everything calms down, ceases, passes into a somewhat different form, perhaps even more sincere and tender. However, not everyone likes it. Some men still want something new, interesting, they still have a desire to change something in life. Then usually a mistress appears, new and unusual. Or another example. After 15-17 years of marriage, when the children have already grown up and want to do a little of themselves, the man discovers that he is already not the same. He begins to worry because of a belly or hair falling out, he wants to prove to himself that he is still worth something, that everything is ahead of him. No exception here is a woman.

Often, because of this, the spouses become strangers,Even living in the same apartment. Besides reasons in the family, there are reasons and personalities. For example, self-doubt. A man with a large number of sexual relationships is trying to improve self-esteem. Often, it's all about stereotypes. Many believe that a real man must not only have a wife, but also a mistress.

How to survive betrayal? First, you need to calm down. Being in an inflated condition, you can tear up firewood, accusing your husband of all mortal sins. Then, when the insult is over, it will be difficult to reconcile. Secondly, it is best not to put a man before a choice, since he, being at the peak of passion, can take and leave. Lovers of each other quickly get bored, soon he will understand what you mean to him, he will want to return, but, alas, everything will be lost. And, finally, in any case, do not make a decision about mutual betrayal. Most men are not so resourceful as women. Change your husband will not forgive you.

As is known in many cases, treason canTo save the family. What can you do if a man can not find another way, to assert himself. Better yet, if instead of hysterics and scandals, you think, are not you guilty? After all, sometimes in the bustle, women stop watching themselves, stop paying attention to her husband, and a tender word is rarely drawn from them. But her husband needs it all! Changing, he often seeks not for amusements, but for simple understanding and warmth. Treason will make an intelligent woman look at herself, it's worth showing her that she's better at home than on the side.

Remember: a man needs air like air! Often change the image, the interior in the apartment. Travel, go on a visit, to parties. In any case, before making a choice, it is worth remembering that treason is just a signal that something is wrong in your family, and if you correctly interpret this signal, you can not only preserve, but also improve your relationship . Treason can be both the end and the beginning of a new life, and it's up to you to decide whether you want to save the family.

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