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How to make a wedding unforgettable

A wedding is a celebration of two lovers, a birthA new family! A wedding is a joyful event in everyone's life! But preparing a wedding is a pleasant, but very troublesome business! How to make a wedding unforgettable? Not like everyone else?

So you applied to the registry office. And you are so impatient to share this news with your family and friends. For this purpose, just invented invitations to the wedding. And in order to make the wedding unforgettable from the very beginning, we will depart from the usual store postcards. Now it is possible to order invitations for every taste. You yourself can participate in the design of the postcard and writing an invitation text.

Bring unusual and wedding dresses! Such trifles as an umbrella, handbag, flower in the groom's pocket will help make your wedding unusual, unlike many others, unusual. You can also order these accessories or do it yourself. Then certainly an unforgettable wedding is guaranteed to you.

You can offer guests a festive greeting album in which they will record congratulations throughout the celebration. How nice it will be to re-read them all after many years.
Skating is an integral part of most weddings! But how to ride - it can also bring unusual to your wedding. Maybe you want to order limousines, although this is not new. But someone skied on a huge bus, along with all the guests? Can you imagine how unexpected it will be for the guests? And certainly unforgettable! Or can a walk in a carriage drawn by a troika of horses? You decide!

Next is a feast. It is possible to push aside the usual framework of weddings in restaurants, canteens cafeterias and hold it outside the walls. Have you ever heard of Ukrainian weddings? So, there they celebrate weddings on the street. Cover the huge, lyamyaschiesya from the tables, right in the fresh air.
And at the end of the celebration, invite the guests to the festive fireworks. Then about your unforgettable wedding will be known not only invited, but also people living in the reach of salute volleys.

So, think for yourself, what a trifle to bring to your wedding, so that it was unique, unusual, unforgettable !!!

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