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Female mistakes in relationships with men

The very first mistake in dealing with a manIs that women think they are doing a favor for a man. Most women believe that by agreeing to sex, they do a man a favor. And they think that for them, sexual contact in life is not of great importance, that's why men can not live without this and that if they did not, they could not live. That's why women think that they should just go to bed, and they should be satisfied by a man, if he is.

If a woman thinks so, then she is not perfectrights. Understand that by doing a favor by agreeing to a sexual relationship, you can never get pleasure from sex. You should know that two people should participate in sex, but not just one.

There is another female error in relation toMen, when a woman begins to imitate orgasm. Most women believe that a man is obliged to deliver her orgasm in any way and nothing interests them any more. But if you talked with an experienced doctor or read a good book about sex, you would know that there are days when a woman simply can not enjoy even in the best of conditions. It can be with a nervous state, from bad energy of the body and even because of the inconveniences in the bed.

A lot of women stage an orgasm, this is alreadyBecame some kind of fashion. According to statistics, 9 out of 10 women have done this more than once. The reasons why a woman behave this way is very much. Some are afraid to tell a partner, and think that he will lose confidence. If you hide this fact, you can never enjoy sex. You must gain strength and tell your partner about it and if your man loves you he will understand everything.

If a partner with a partner will know how and what to do, they will be guaranteed good sex.

Now you know about women's mistakes in relationships with men. Be sincere.

Elena Romanova, Especially for www.allwomens.ru
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