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Rigid diets for fast weight loss

Experts argue that compliance with such dietsIs fraught with problems with health. Rigid diets are a real stress for the body. In most diets, the menu is made without taking into account the balance of the minerals and vitamins, which means that the body receives the necessary substances in insufficient quantities. This causes some malfunctioning of the body. Therefore, before deciding on a strict diet, it is better to consult a doctor.

Although if you need to lose weight urgentlyTo any important event or holiday, a tough diet can really help. In this case, it will not cause too much harm, because it is necessary to stick to it only for several days.

Following a strict diet for two to three days,You do not endanger your body. During this time, you can lose 2-3 kg. However, if you stick to such a diet for longer, you will cause serious damage to health.

Today is also very popular so-called unloading days, when a strict diet is observed only one day. Doctors say that they benefit our body.

Below are some of the most popular hard diets used for quick weight loss.

Rigid low-carb diet

This diet is considered quite strict, itUrges to severely limit the caloric intake of the diet, calculated for a day. Although the amount of carbohydrates consumed is not so low - about 60 grams. Among other hard diets, this is the "lightest" one. During the diet, you need to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. It is forbidden to drink fruit juices, alcoholic drinks and fruits (the exception is grapefruit).

Menu per day:

  • Breakfast: grapefruit, cheese - 35 grams, coffee or tea (no added sugar), black bread (1 piece).
  • Lunch: black bread (1 slice), coffee or tea (no added sugar), beans, fat-free cottage cheese - 200 grams.
  • Supper: lean meat or fish with vegetables - 100 grams, tea (without sugar)

Diet Models

With this diet for three daysYou can lose about 4-5 kg ​​of weight. It is not recommended to use it more than once a month. During it, it is forbidden to eat sugar and salt. Diet is effective, but difficult, because there is no dinner in the diet.

Daily menu:

  • Breakfast: 1 egg (soft-boiled).
  • Lunch (after 3 hours): low-fat cottage cheese - 170 grams, tea (without sugar).
  • Afternoon snack (3 hours later): same as lunch.

Jockey hard diet

The diet lasts 3 days. Its effectiveness is enhanced by the use of sauna and massage.

  • Day one: baked chicken (divided into 3 parts).
  • Day two: low-fat veal - 300 grams (divided into 3 parts).
  • Day three: natural coffee - 4-5 cups.

Rigid protein-carbohydrate diet

  • Day one: kefir - 100 ml, boiled potatoes - 1 pc. (Eat 5 times a day).
  • Day two: kefir - 100 ml, meat - 100 grams (5 times a day).
  • Day three: kefir - 100 ml, apple - 1 piece. (5 times a day).
  • Day four: kefir - 100 ml, curd - 100 grams (5 times a day).
  • Day five: kefir - 100 ml, dried apricots - 100 grams (5 times a day).
  • The sixth day: kefir - 100 ml, sour cream - 100 grams.
  • Day seven: yogurt - 500 ml (3 times a day).

It is important not to forget that you need to lose weight with the mind, and do not leave the body without the necessary nutrients.

Buckwheat diet for fast growing thin

Lose weight for 3-4 kg with this diet can be in 7 days. One glass of buckwheat should be poured with boiling water (two glasses) and left overnight. In the morning, you can start a diet, which is that you can only eat cooked in the evening buckwheat, dividing it into a convenient number of servings. You can drink only kefir, herbal decoctions or green tea.

Rigid diets are contraindicated for colds, heart diseases and stomach ulcers.

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