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Anal sex, practical advice

Anal sex Is a long-standing way to diversify sex life. They studied in ancient Rome, and in ancient Egypt, India and the Arab countries. Before Christianity became popular, there were practically no bans on this type of sex. However, the ban on anal sex, which was imposed by the church for many centuries, did its job - it was considered dirty.
Many men have anal sex with a partnerDelivers much more exquisite pleasure than ordinary sex. At the same time, men are embarrassed whether this addiction suggests that a man has homosexual tendencies. In fact, anal sex with a woman is just another way of making some kind of diversification in an intimate relationship, not a diagnosis. To be shy is not worth it.

Much more problem anal sex deliversWomen. You can start with fears - women are often afraid that during such a sex will happen irreparable. It is worth knowing that feces do not accumulate in the lower parts of the intestine, they can not be in the rectum, if you regularly visit the toilet and do not suffer from constipation. To soothe before a night of love, you can make an enema, but abusing this method of cleaning the intestines is not necessary, since any enemas disrupt the natural microflora of the intestine and can lead to dysbiosis.

Another strong fear of women is the fear of pain. In fact, this type of sex can be absolutely painless, if not take the time. Firstly, anal sex does not suffer haste, it takes some time for foreplay. Secondly, do not forget about additional lubrication. If you use condoms, then the lubricant can only be water-based. If you are both healthy and confident in each other, then normal petroleum jelly will do. Grease will make penetration easier, so it is necessary.

Anal sex will not bring unpleasant sensations if the woman completely relaxes.
For the first time it is especially important not to hurry, be more gentle than passionate. The main thing is not to cause pain, which means - no sharp movements and no hurry.

Contraindications to anal sex may beAny sexually transmitted diseases. But this applies to any kind of sexual relations, because even condoms do not give a 100% guarantee of protection. From anal sex it is better to abstain if one of the partners has herpes on the genitals. Hemorrhoids, anal fissures and tumors are also contraindications.

If you still decided on anal sex, thenWe advise you to follow certain safety techniques. First, remember that the risk of infection in the intestine is very high, even if both partners are completely healthy, so it is better to use condoms. In addition, the condom makes such sex more hygienic.

With the alternation of anal and vaginal sexYou need a change of condoms - this is a prerequisite that can not be neglected, otherwise you risk infecting the genitals or intestines, which can lead to inflammation and prolonged treatment.

And, finally, do not forget that analSex is not a defense against pregnancy. If the sperm flows into the vagina, the chances of getting pregnant will be high. Therefore, do not forget about protection at least in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Anal sex has long been considered vicious. It is up to them to decide whether to do it or not. Perhaps you will not become an ardent fan of anal sex, but try still, at least in order to understand what you really like and what does not. If you trust your partner, if you are willing to go for it and want it yourself, then if you observe all the above conditions, you have a chance to get a special pleasure and become a little happier.

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