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Female mistakes in bed

1 Chatter
Women are very fond of talking, before sex, afterHim and even in time. Men constant chatter terribly annoying, distracting from the process and prevents focus on the partner and his feelings. That woman who does not know how to keep quiet in bed is doomed to failure in a relationship.

2 Cold calculation

Since men are more active in sexualLife, it becomes a weak point, knowing which, a man can be controlled and manipulated. However, it is by no means worth doing. Attempts by a woman to use a man, to play on his feelings and attitude to you with the help of primitive sexual pleasures - the top of stupidity. Men quickly expose women seeking benefit through bed, and treat them no better than to ordinary prostitutes.

3. Excessive candor
Female mistakes in bed are varied, one ofThem - frankness, if it is out of place. Often women, in a fit of emotion or stupidity, begin to think that sex has somehow brought them closer to the partner or has given an occasion for conversations frankly, whether or not the man wants to hear your confession or not. These include comments about sexual intercourse with mention of all of their former partners, comparing men with others, stories of their turbulent past. Sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut.

4. Narcissism

Some girls are often concerned not about howTo please the partner and get it by yourself, but by how well they look in one or the other pose. Often ladies try, with the help of clever tricks, to hide a crease on the abdomen or cellulite on the pope, thinking that the man is busy not with the process, but with looking at their shortcomings. But if a man was with you in the same bed, it is perfectly logical to assume that you are comfortable with it - both your dignity and your shortcomings.

5. Slovenliness

Female mistakes in bed are often noticeable not onlyMen. Some women believe that sex is not an excuse to put yourself in order. But men can be repelled not only and not so much extra hairs on the ankles or in the bikini zone, as unpleasant smells, stale laundry, etc.

6. Predictable

Sexual life can be badly spoiledMonotony. Inventive women like men much more conservative. If a woman prefers one pose, one script, then it becomes simply boring. A boredom, the main enemy of quality sex.

7. The Power

It's no secret that men sometimes like it whenThe woman takes the initiative. Active woman in bed - almost in weight of gold. However, do not overdo it. If you take on the role of the main, reach for the tape and will tell the man what and how to do it, then, most likely, just lose a partner.

8. Frigid
Sadly, men are not ready to forgiveIndifference in sex. If you do not feel attracted to a man, then he will notice it. Sometimes a man perceives the indifference of a woman at her own expense, sometimes writing off for frigidity. In any case, problems with sensuality can not cause a negative in a man, only if there is something more between you than just sex.

Unfortunately, women's mistakes in bed can becomeA serious reason for parting. They are especially important if the relationship between partners is not too serious. But do not get hung up on what you can do wrong. It's better to be yourself, to behave naturally - so more likely to find a person whose sex will be your joy.
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