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Sexual temperament of spouses

Different temperaments

It's no secret that men and women have absolutelyA different attitude towards sex, different temperaments, different needs. Sexologists and psychologists say that in men, as in women, the sexual temperament can be different. There are three types of temperaments: high, medium and moderate. A high sexual temperament is more common in men than in women, this is due to differences in the hormonal system. But the average and moderate occurs almost equally, both in men and in women.
The characteristics of each temperament determineNeed for sex. For example, the higher it is, the more often a man or woman needs sexual intimacy. To distinguish a person with this temperament can be by many signs. One of them - a living temper, ease in making new acquaintances, readiness for tactile sensations. But these criteria are not a guarantee that you are a person with inexhaustible sexual capabilities.

Nevertheless, it is very important to find a partner with whom you could satisfy your needs without causing discomfort to him.

Different needs

As a rule, the need for sex at the beginningThe relationship of a man is higher. The more a man is younger, the more often and sharper he experiences sexual attraction. Over time, the ardor for a constant partner if it does not cool, it becomes moderate. A man can love and desire a woman for years, but he seems to calm down, is satisfied with more rare sexual contacts, which does not always affect the quality of sex.
Woman, on the contrary, with the beginning of relations onlyBegins to show interest in sexual life. Even especially temperamental people can say that over time, sex in a couple becomes more interesting, and the need for it is more frequent.

Proceeding from this, women are always better to seekA man with a stronger sexual temperament than his own. So, a woman with a moderate temperament, a man with a medium and high. This will help them maintain harmony in sex for many years.

Secrets of sexual happiness

Sexual temperament is undoubtedly important. But work on relationships is also important. For example, it is necessary to choose the optimal rhythm of sexual life for yourself. Each couple is individual, some need frequent sexual contacts, some have enough sex one - twice a week or even a month. Clear rules and rules are not and can not be.
But there are things that affect the quality of sexualLife, for example, long breaks between sexual contacts are contraindicated by absolutely everyone. Irregular sexual life has a bad effect on the potency of men and women. The older the couple, the higher the risk of completely losing the opportunity to engage in full-fledged sex or enjoy it, if you allow large breaks in sexual relations.

It is worth knowing that the sexual life of the couple can notBe the same even all the time. Sometimes passion weakens, then flares up with renewed vigor. There are many reasons for this - fatigue, stress, bad mood, problems, depression. A man does not necessarily lose interest in a partner in time, but he can not desire her as much as he did 10 or 20 years ago. Women often grow cold to have sex with their spouse when they fall in love. To prevent this, you need a lot of care for each other, a willingness to make concessions and a willingness to discuss problems.

Sexual temperament of spouses is a criterion,By which you can determine how compatible they are. But do not think that differences in sexual needs are an insurmountable obstacle to happiness. Love often works wonders. In addition, the temperament varies with time - so, in a woman can wake up passionate nature, and a man, on the contrary, can moderate his ardor. If the difficulties in intimate life seem too serious, then experts will come to help - urologists, gynecologists, psychologists and sexologists. Almost every couple has a chance to get perfect sexual relations, if you try a little.
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