/ How to overcome jealousy?

How to overcome jealousy?

How to become jealous?
It is not always possible for a person to say that heJealous. And not always people are equally jealous of different people with whom they are in any relationship. But then suddenly something happens, the person as if goes mad and turns to Othello in a modern variant.
The reasons for jealousy are many and at the same time theirHardly ever. Only jealous people are pathologically jealous. They have since childhood been deprived of the opportunity to feel the unconditional love of their parents, to know that some things belong to them completely, or they are people who are once burned in milk, just blowing on the water.
The fear of losing a loved one makes you do not the most beautiful deeds, and jealousy does not leave the mind a chance to intervene.
Jealousy can arise entirely on an emptyA place where, whatever you do, a partner will accuse you of treason or even dreams of treason. It is very difficult to change such a person, and it's especially not worth waiting for him to think about it, that you can convince him of your fidelity.
If objectively there are no reasons for jealousy, it makes sense to think whether you really need relationships in which you easily admit someone to a third or an opportunity for his appearance?
There is one more observation: Most often without reason jealous of those who regularly change himself. And it's logical - a person experiences a feeling of guilt, he reasonably believes that. If he is capable of treason himself, then he can do the same with him. Usually such people are very difficult to calculate - their defense is an attack. On any innocent question they respond sharply and begin to make the most ridiculous claims.

How to live with a jealous man?
To begin with, answer yourself honestly whether or not your partner has any grounds for jealousy. If you are confident in yourself and know that you are honest with your loved one, you firmly insist on it.
If there are grounds for jealousy, then you have receivedWhat you deserve. You have to either change your relationship somehow, or you can tolerate jealousy just as much as your partner has enough strength to endure your intrigues.

Outbreaks of jealousy happen to everyone. Usually it is very easy to pay them off - just talk. If your partner suffers from painful jealousy, which does not depend on how you behave, it will not be easy to agree with him.
There will not help any logic, no report for the time spent together. And is it necessary? How long can you live under such control?
No matter how much you prove this innocent to such a jealous, you will not prove anything.
If you are still ready to fight for yourRelationship, you have to talk quite hard with your loved one. Explain that you are tired of his accusations that your relationship depends only on whether he will control his emotions or whether he will let things go and inevitably lose you.
A good way is to work together with a psychologist who will help understand the causes of jealousy and eliminate this painful craving for suspicion.
In the event that the result is not, perhaps the best way out is parting.

How to defeat jealousy in yourself?
Fighting your own weaknesses is most difficult. If you feel that you are excessively jealous, and this spoils your life, you should reconsider your attitude to your beloved person and change something in yourself.
If you have a real reason for jealousy, decide for yourself, do you need such an unreliable satellite? Can you put up with his betrayals or flirting? Is it important for you to be around, but always the three of us?
If there are no objective reasons for jealousy, but do not leave doubts, start working on yourself.
Honestly tell the partner about your feelings, about the uncertainty and about what you are going to fight with it. Ask him to be more attentive to you and not to create reasons for jealousy.
Stop controlling the partner. If a person is with you and loves you, it does not make him your property. Any restrictions are only encouraging to break the framework.
Learn to trust. Without trust, there can not be full relations. If you still had no reason to jealousy, but your fantasies, then there is no reason to believe that something will change.
Solve problems as you get from the proceeds. This rule will help you get rid of the desire to make a guess and to worry about what did not happen in advance.
Watch your relationship and do everything to make you both happy. Usually people do not leave what pleases them. That is, from good relationships do not run away to others.
Get rid of jealousy, as from illness. Look for evidence that the partner is faithful to you, and not vice versa. And never listen to gossip.
An important point in getting rid of jealousy isThe ability not to provoke this feeling. Fight with the desire to check your pockets, phone, notebook, files on your computer. It's humiliating. Yes, and are you ready, after learning something, to continue the relationship? What will you do with what you might not like?

To spoil relations is easier than easy. Jealousy is one of the proven ways that works without fail. If your plans do not include an early separation from your beloved, you will have to learn to trust and be the kind of person whose credibility is beyond doubt.
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