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Great about men

1. All men are monsters. One thing remains - to feed them better.
Oscar Wilde

2. For happiness, a woman needs a man. For misfortune - quite enough of her husband.
Wojciech Bartoszewski

3. Do not argue with men - still they are never right.
Sari Gabor

4. A man is already half in love with every woman who listens as he speaks.
Francis Bacon

5. If you want your husband to adore you, start feeding him 3-5 minutes before he gets hungry.
Yuri Shanin

6. The best means of caring for your hands is to do everything with your husband's hands.
Polish folk wisdom

7. Listen carefully to the reasoning of the husband - not because they are so smart, but because you are so smart to listen to them.
author unknown

8. Women pay attention not to beautiful men, but to men with beautiful women.
Wojciech Bartoszewski

9. If a man looks at your eyes for a long time, you can be sure that he has already examined the rest.
Folk wisdom

10. A girl with a future should avoid men with the past.
Folk wisdom

11. The man is easiest to find when you already have one.
Paige Mitchell

12. You need someone who would love you, while you are looking for someone to love.
Sheila Delaney

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