/ What Men Think About Women

What men think about women

2. If you want to ask something, it's enough to say about it. Understand, at last, we are simple. We do not understand subtle veiled hints. Workarounds do not work, simple questions, disguised by grimaces - too. Just say what you want.

3. If you ask a question that you do not expect an answer to, do not be surprised if you get an answer that would prefer not to hear.

4. If I ask you to give me bread, I do not mean anything else. It does not reproach that there is no bread on the table. We do not resort to disguised precepts or reproaches.

5. There's no point asking me what I think. 95, 5% of their time, men think about sex. No, we are not worried, we just like it the most.

6. Sometimes I do not think about you. Nothing wrong with that. Just get used to it. Do not ask me what I think, otherwise you should be ready to talk about politics, economics, philosophy, football, drinking, cars.

7. Friday, Saturday, Sunday = friends = football on TV = beer = bad moments. It's like a full moon, a tide and a tide. This is inevitable.

8. Shopping - no pleasure, and I will never like it!

9. If we go somewhere, you go to those outfits that are just on you. I swear.

10. You have enough clothes and shoes. To whine is blackmail. My bankruptcy will not prove my love for you.

11. Most men have three pairs of shoes. What makes you think that I can determine which of your 30 pairs of shoes is best for this?

12. Simple answers like "yes" or "no" are enough, regardless of the question.

13. If you have any difficulties, ask me only to help overcome them. Do not ask me to sympathize with you, like your friends.

14. The headache, which lasts 8 weeks, is not a headache. Go to the doctor!

15. If I said something that can be perceived in two ways, and one of the options bothers or upsets you, I meant another!

16. All men see only 16 colors. Peach is a fruit, not a color!

17. And what is this generally for the color of Apriko (t) and how is it, dammit, generally written?

18. We like beer just like you bags. You do not understand this, neither do we.

19. If I ask you what happened, and you say "nothing," I believe you and will behave as if everything is in order!

20. Do not ask: "Do you like me?" Be sure, I would not have been here long ago, if it was not so.

And, finally, the main thing that men would likeTo bring to us (be they more courageous) - in case of the slightest doubt, no matter what is going on, choose the simplest. After all, we men are really very simple. Do you still doubt this?

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