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Reasons for jealousy

1) The quality of sex.
Surprisingly, in couples that havePathological jealous, happens the most amazing sex. That's where there are multiple orgasms and passions. It would seem incredible that after grand scandals people can be so passionate, but scientists explain everything. The fact is that stress helps release adrenaline into the bloodstream. Even when the quarrel subsides, the blood bubbles for a long time, and sex is a natural way of detente. True, such an addiction to good sex after a good quarrel can cost you not a small number of nerve cells that will not recover after the tenth orgasm per night.

2) Development of abilities.
Jealousy presupposes the presence of at least oneCause. If your man is not a complete womanizer, then the reason will not be easy to find. You will have to closely monitor your loved one, look for arguments that are difficult to refute. Of course, it is not a fact that you find something, but you will definitely find out about your man a lot of new things. And this new can work to strengthen your pair, suddenly, you will discover in it those qualities that lead you into ecstasy. However, with this approach, there is always a risk to dig out such a skeleton in the cabinet, after which there can be no talk of any relationship.

3) In the female style.
To stage scenes of jealousy can both women, andMen. It is not yet known which of us is more jealous, but it is understandable, whose feelings are expressed more violently. Scandal over an imaginary rival - it's so feminine. In what your beloved can see. And the extra proof of her own femininity has not hurt anyone yet. If, of course, you can not cross the line, behind which the tender female essence lies in wait for the nature of the market habalka.

4) Workout.
Jealousy can be justified by the fact that youRemind your lover that, despite the fact that you have been together for a long time, you have not ceased to be afraid of losing it. This is very flattering to men and helps to keep them in good shape. True, if you overstep the stick, it can be the reason for his flight. Or the reason to move from imaginary adultery to real - that was for which to receive a scolding.

5) Fall in love again.
Perhaps you would like to be jealous of a man, butYou just can not force yourself. No matter how you imagine him in someone else's embrace, it seems to you or funny or impossible. Jealousy "for prevention" will give you a chance to immerse yourself in these emotions, to believe in them. And already being jealous, you can suddenly understand how much you love your man and how really you are afraid that he will leave for another. Only then is the risk that from a prudent and happy woman you will turn into a suspicious fury.

You should know that, despite the fact that nowAll around they say that jealousy is a sign of bad character, it is absolutely normal and peculiar to very many people. For example, mankind became jealous of each other only when it rose to a fairly high level of development. In times of community - tribal system, our ancestors did not have such nonsense. Does it make sense to be like them in this?
In addition, jealousy no worse than tears helpsGet rid of stress, unless it becomes a mania. Then jealousy will cause depression and hysterics. And know that according to the statistics of scientists, men are jealous of us on average twice as often. So do not hesitate to express emotions!
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