/ How to reveal the feelings of a man?

How to reveal the feelings of a man?

Earn his trust - open your cards

Learning to trust a loved one is not easy. Such trust is built for years and can collapse in a matter of seconds. Mutual trust means that you, and he must be absolutely sincere, do not play the "role", and be exactly what you are. If you want your man to trust you more, make him comfortable, and he could calmly tell you even the most secret secrets. Stop playing games and weave intrigues. So the trust of a loved one can not be earned.

Let him talk

It is important for him to understand that you are in fact hisYou listen. Listen and hear - carefully and truly. Men are harder to open their souls, so be tactful and understanding. Let him finish the sentence, do not interrupt or distract him. It is very important not to interrupt the course of his thoughts. Your man will appreciate this.

Determine the "weak spot" of your loved one is wrongReally difficult. If one of his life is work or family, or something else, share with him your thoughts and advice on this topic. If he made a mistake, never say "well, I warned you". This is not the case when you need to demonstrate your insight and good intuition. Be ready to support your friend in any situation and with any decision. Let him know that he is not alone in his problem. Be not only his girlfriend, but also a close friend. This is the only way he can completely trust you. As they say, be with him in sorrow and in joy.

It is possible to enlist his trust only in thatIf you yourself trust him with your secrets and are ready to accept him as he is. With all its minuses and pluses, without criticizing and not trying to remake it.


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