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Friendship between women and men

If female friendship is basically based onTrusting relationships, that is, women like to pour out each other's soul, give advice, discuss not only women's, but also male themes, then male friendship is based on an act - men do not like to seem weak, they do not say much, in principle, It's easier for them to do it. Remember, do you often see a man talking on the phone with his friend for an hour or more? Or men who are discussing only the upcoming campaign for a football match?

Secondly, stereotypes, like taboos, are very strong inOur consciousness. Friendship between people of the same sex is understandable to us, acceptable, this phenomenon is natural. Of course, the possibility of friendship between a man and a woman is obvious, it can not be avoided, because it has a place to be. Another question is why some men seek friendship with a woman on the side, and women prefer to share their very different thoughts and experiences with a male colleague, and sincerely consider him their friend?

The situation is clear and transparent, if in another bowlWeights are the family. Friends often give us something that, unfortunately, the family can not give: for example, we can talk with them on topics for which the family is vetoed. These topics most often concern our not always correct, adequate actions, feelings and experiences. For example, a man does not even think of telling his wife that he likes another woman, or that he lost a large amount in a casino, and sometimes confess to his wife and close people that he is ill. So it is difficult for a woman to tell her husband that their sex has long been far from ideal or that she wants to be alone.

Such an outlet, both for men and forWomen, give rise to a different type of relationship, where mutual understanding of seemingly absolutely "alien" people reaches the apogee of the most genuine friendship. And this is not accidental: of course, men can do something for each other, but they do not share secrets. They leave their thoughts behind their woman. And not always this woman turns out to be their wife.

A woman can turn to male friends"Sharp edges" of female nature, to reveal to them what she hides from her friends. "In all the friendly relations between a man and a woman, sex is hidden somewhere," says sociologist Lilian Rubin, "It makes this friendship especially attractive and even exciting, but the majority of both men and women agree that entering into an intimate relationship poses a great risk for Friendship, because sex evokes the desire for possession, which is incompatible with friendship. " Not every good friend can become a lover. Some men and women are able to successfully combine friendship and sexual pleasure, but most friends of different sex cautiously circumvent this opportunity all the time.

True friendship is now very rare, askA simple question: who are your best friends? I'm sure the answer will make us wait, because we put a lot of meaning in the meaning of the word "friendship". Friendship can not be divided according to gender, people whom we consider to be friends are worthy, but otherwise it is impossible.

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