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Mother and daughter - problems in relationships

And we make the same mistakes in relation to ourDaughters, which they did to us. Because of what are the problems in the relationship between mothers and their daughters? No matter how trite it sounds, but the roots have to be looked for in childhood.

Mother and daughter, problem number 1

How often did my mother tell you: "What kind of girl are you?" You're a dude! Well, who are you? "So what? Well, you will think, the problem - a dress has torn also kolibas has broken! But at this moment the first fear creeps into the child's brain - I'm not like my mother, not so feminine, not so tender. With age, fear turns into a phobia. And you try your best to be so "white and fluffy", although you do not want it at all, but Mom said ...

The era of marshmallow girls has passed! Now all women are completely different, but that's all the charm! You can be an angel today, and tomorrow an insufferable tomboy! Let this be your highlight. After all, we are women, so fickle, and so with us so interesting!

Mother and daughter, problem number 2

Wishing you all the best, motherUnconsciously (and sometimes specially) creates a certain problem in your relationship. She wants you to be her copy, tries to realize in you, in her own daughter, all your unfulfilled desires and dreams. Music school, dancing, gymnastics, and a lot more! And all because my mother did not do this in her childhood! But you do not bring this special pleasure ...

Understand that it is like looking at the mother and be herClone - these are different things! You are an individuality! Be yourself! Realize your ideas, your desires. And let it be even a section of boxing! After all, you like it.

Mother and daughter, problem number 3

For our mother, we are always the mostThe best and the most beautiful, but why then did you hear insulting words more than once? "What are you thin!", "You are always out of place," "What are your crooked legs." Yes much more! And the most "best" phrase: "Who do you need?". Immediately gives the impression that the daughter - a kind of Quasimodo-sloven. And no normal man will agree with you even to get on one bus, not to mention making you an offer of a hand and a heart.

Work on your inner self. Learn to love yourself, despite what people around you say. Raise your self-esteem, listen to your inner world. And remember: all people are individual, there are no absolute handsome and absolute freaks. In everyone there is something that distinguishes it from others. It is only necessary to teach this difference in the right light, which is beneficial for you.

Mother and daughter, problem number 4

You constantly swear, your mother criticizes you forWrong choice of dress, perfume, work, etc. She does not like your friends, your cat and (God forbid) your husband. And all this she expresses to you not in the direct text, but "absolutely by accident"! But all its appearance shows how much it does not suit her.

Solution: Talk to your mother on an equal footing - about her feelings, aboutYour relationships, about your views on life. Do not be afraid to say that you do not like it. Let me understand that your life is your life. Offer to find a common way out of this situation. Try to do something together - go shopping, go to the beauty salon. Having heard from Mum any problem - give her advice in an unobtrusive form. Try and understand your mother. Unable to cope with the situation - she unconsciously criticizes you, her daughter, while wishing you the best!

Mother and daughter, problem number 5

Your mom is literally living your life. All she needs to know about you. Constantly you regret, sympathize and cry at any your sullen mood - than causes so huge irritation! And when you start to get angry with her - it causes even more tears and emotions !!!

Understand my mother - she is afraid of becoming useless forDaughter, for whom in childhood she was a king and God. And then it turns out that even without it you cope! For the mother, this is a very big shock! Talk to her about your independence, and how nice that she is there and you can rely on her!

And if everything is useless ... Well, you and Mom do not find a common language, no matter how hard you try! Take her for who she is, if only because she is your mother - the person who gave birth and brought you up exactly like that. And, most importantly: remember that we too will someday be mothers, and it is not yet known how we will behave with our daughters. So, raising a daughter, look back on your childhood, and try not to repeat the situations and words that led you to frenzy and annoyance. Be for your baby friend and adviser. It is possible that with your daughter you will be friends who did not become with your mother.


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