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Flirt with a man

"Men love it when women flirt with them," -she said. "They feel more confident, for most guys, it does not matter whether they are married, whether they have a permanent relationship, because flirting is harmless, it's just a form of attention." And who does not like to be interested? "

Her words made me think about my attitude to flirting, as they can make you think.

Many people refer to a simple conversation as a death test. Either I like a man, Either he (she) otoshet me and put an idiot.

If you learn your thoughts in these words,Stop thinking like that! If the guy you really like, stop thinking about yourself. Treat your attraction as a gift that you present to a guy.

Are you not flattered by someone's attention and admiration? That's just like the guys adore when girls are interested in them ... even if this feeling is not mutual.

Too many women are afraid of refusal. It is often important for us to know whether we have a chance with this guy or not. If you want to have a huge success with men, it's time to stop thinking in this way.

Every time you like some kind ofBoy, regard your attention to him as a gift. There is no obligation! As a result, your compliment will provide him with a good mood for the whole day.

Even attractive men rarely getCompliments about his appearance for the reason that women are too proud to recognize the attraction to a handsome man. Only a few can openly admire other people without any expectations.

Fortunately, for guys, only one criterion plays a special role when it comes to girls: she should really be interested in him. Almost anyone has a chance, if the girl's feelings are sincere.

Even if you understand that you do not have a singleChance, because the guy is busy, too old for you or just not in your taste, do not stop! Continue to flirt innocently with him, friendly and not straining. Believe me, he will appreciate this approach, and you will raise your spirits.

The fact that you are attracted to guys, relationships with which can exist only in your dreams, it is normal. Do not be ashamed of the attraction to men not your "weight category."

Attraction begins to present a problem,When you need ANY relationship with the object, Either nothing at all. Your chances are dramatically reduced if you put too much expectations into your communication. Men do not tolerate when they are crushed. They like to enjoy friendship with women who expect nothing from them. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for friendship to be established only for the purpose of further development of relations.

I must admit that over time, I oftenI rethink the motives of the friendliness of the guys towards me. You never know why a person behaves with you is nice and courteous - only because he is pleasant by nature, or has some far-reaching plans. In the same way, a man may have doubts if you are friendly with him. Well, they are not used to women who can stay or leave regardless of the presence of attraction.

If the guy you really care about, give meA promise to spend a good time with him, regardless of the outcome. Take it with respect and understanding. Let your eyes shine when you talk to him.

Behave with the guy on an equal footing. You are as interesting, attractive and original as he is. NEVER bring it up on a pedestal. Sometimes guys treat girls badly just because these girls consider themselves unworthy.

Getting up with a guy on one level, you determinerules of the game. If he does not support, well, his business. You gave him a compliment, coming up and saying "Hello", his right to accept this manifestation of attention or not.

Try to imagine yourself as a Snow Maiden. You have a huge bag with compliments for all obedient boys and girls. Hand them out to whomever you like, the bag is big, and the compliments in it will never run out. Gradually you will begin to notice that people like to be near you, because they know that they can get a nice gift for them.

Successful flirting!

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