/ The whole truth about men

The whole truth about men

Let's figure out what is true, and what's false, we'll separate, so to speak, cutlets from flies.

Lazy. Incredibly, but often this epithetAre awarded to men engaged in heavy physical labor, such as working at a construction site or unloading cars: long-distance drivers, miners, steelworkers ... There is nothing to say about athletes. Well, the workers of mental labor are called lazy, as the saying goes, God himself ordered. Although, mental work sometimes exhausts much more than physical. It is not so easy to shovel a bunch of documents, to pass through a mountain of information, and all in order to just take one management decision, which, however, sometimes determines the fate of the whole corporation. Can you believe me, I do not have the slightest sympathy for the cops, but I'm ready to admit - these guys are plowing like the damned. Not always effective, true, but plow.

The most ridiculous begins whenCriticize those who should modestly remain silent: housewives, students, pensioners. I foresee a mountain of criticism. How? A woman must eat and cook, and wash, and clean up in the apartment, and make purchases, and make up and make a haircut. While her hubby, for days on end, is cooling off in her car park (in the mine, in the office, in the shop, at the construction site - it's worth emphasizing). Well, not really, as it were, and it's cool. Most men bring wages to the house, as you know, no employer pays money for "just like that," well, there are no disinterested humanists in their midst. Therefore, the man goes home to rest, that is, to restore strength. "So what? - probably an irate housewife will ask - is it really so hard to screw a light bulb (drive a nail, take out the garbage, fix a faucet, take the child out of the kindergarten) "?

Yes, I'm ready to agree, among men, as amongWomen, there are lazy creatures. But that all? No I do not believe. Let's look at this situation a little bit from the other side. The peasant all day worked hard. I came home, my wife asked for help. Okay, simple household chores like washing dishes or going to the store, but the same fixing the plumbing? First, there is a plumber for this. Secondly, if there was such a need, then, in my opinion, it is much easier and more efficient to give some money to a professional, the same plumber and not soar your brains with such nonsense. However, many women think differently. "A real man should be able to do everything!" And to whom did such a fool come to mind? The main thing is that there is no point in this. In our time, anyway. Maybe moms should not pay money for educating their sons in high schools? Let them go to the vocational school, learn to work with a hammer, chisel, soldering iron, twist nuts, repair furniture?

The guy works all day, but brings inHouse a few thousand dollars a month, so no, every weekend, mochaetsya at the dacha for agricultural work. What for? Otherwise, the mother-in-law will not calm down. Another turns million deals, but in order to be considered a full-fledged man, he needs to urgently go through a short training course with the local plumber of Uncle Vasya, who has three classes and a corridor behind him. By the way, women themselves turn to professionals if necessary. To hairdressers, cosmetologists, psychologists, doctors, lawyers. Clothes, as a rule, buy ready, but do not sew by the light of a kerosene lamp, as did their great-grandmothers. So, dear ladies, let's make the appropriate conclusions together.

Non-Initiative. Yes, there is. Many men, really, do not know how to make decisions, and are ready to go for anyone. But so it is to blame for this one, specifically taken man? As a rule, non-initiative men are brought up in families, where the decision is made by the mother, a tough and powerful woman. Its directives are final and not subject to appeal, as orders of the commander in the army. If any member of the family disagrees with this, he will be immediately punished. She then is surprised. How come, why did you let your daughter-in-law sit on your head? And where could he learn to take the initiative? That's how generations of henpeckers grow, who can not step a step without an agreement with their wife (mother, mother-in-law - it's necessary to emphasize).

Often you can hear this: "Yes, I make decisions for my husband. But, if I met a man who would make decisions for me, I would go after him. " Really? And if this superman decided that it was not worth, for example, buying a new fur coat for his wife, in the winter she might well pass in an artificial sheepskin coat. Instead, it is better to buy a car or repair it in an apartment.

"This weekend we are not going to the country house. You, you can go shopping a little, but at 19-00 it was at home, and I'll go have a beer with my friends. " - "How so, but I ..." - "I decided so. Dot". An initiative man? No matter how it is. Petty tyrant. Tyrant. Home despot.

In real life - each family has its own modelRelationships. Happens, the husband is a half-witted intellectual who receives copecks, and the wife is a business lady, who often remains a real woman. Happens, the husband-tyrant and the wife - unfortunate Cinderella. In any case, that's what her relatives think. Sometimes the husband successfully leads the company (he commands the regiment, creates literary masterpieces, makes one discovery after another), and the wife - successfully manages the husband, directing his energy "in the right direction." In general, it's up to you, dear ladies, do you really need the notorious male initiative?

Drunkards. For the sake of justice, we must admit thatAmong the Slavic men a lot of alcohol-dependent. For some, this dependence is purely psychological. Well, how not to drink with friends if everyone drinks? By the way, in the proletarian milieu the ability to drink "long and long" is very much respected, man thumps up - that means he can afford it, because he earns good money. Enough for bread and butter and a little snatch. Domestic advertising also makes its own contribution. From early childhood, people are hammered - drinking prestigiously. And for health it is useful, there Nikolai Valuev extinguishes vodka for nothing, and, at the same time, remains one of the strongest heavyweight boxers. Klitschko. Shevchenko ... These, however, more on beer.

There is dependence and physiological, when a personJust can not help but drink. Probably, this is due to some kind of mental defects. "Is it possible to drink to a person having problems with the psyche?" - I asked a psychiatrist. "Actually, no," the doctor answered, "but there are a lot of cases when alcohol alleviates these problems." These "vavki" in the head and make the liquor drunk. He drank it and felt better.

However, not all representatives of the strongHalf of humanity. Simply, those who drink are in sight. Noise, buzz, for any reason express discontent. Of course, the Hanurik look not so hot, but the guys are noisy, quick, tell so much about their adventures. Yeah, that's it, that's what they say. When there are two or more drunkards, a favorite topic for conversation is sex. They so gracefully paint their erotic adventures, that involuntarily you start to think, and can, indeed, all this was actually happening? Do not laugh, or else I'll fall off my chair and hit hard. When a man drinks everything that has a property to burn - sex retreats to the second and even to the third plan. Often, it simply does not have the strength. That's why we have to fantasize hard to hide this shortcoming from those around us.

Lovelace. Some women are convinced - give the man the will,And he will mate with anyone, even with Baba Yaga. Indeed, Casanova meet, but not as often as women think. Not all men are capable of being ladies-lovers. Many men are shy by nature. They do not even try to get acquainted with women, for fear of getting rejected. And if they marry, they try to please their wife in everything, just to not be in a free flight again. You probably know the principle by which you can determine what a man really is in a sexual relationship? I will remind those who forgot. Here everything is simple: they just talk, others only do it. There is no third. So listen less to the beautiful-speaking people and pay a little attention to the real diamonds of sexual relations - the silent.

Soulless. Of course, you can rarely see a man sobbingOver another soap opera. It's another matter, a man who is acutely experiencing the vicissitudes of a football match or a boxing match. Then it happened, we give vent to emotions. It gets to all, and the attacker, the inept, and the legionnaires, who prevent the local talents from revealing themselves, and to the idiot trainer, and the scoundrel judge. All mankind can be conditionally divided into two groups - ethics, living emotions and logic, living by the intellect. And, it is laid from birth. Most men belong to the logical type, most women to the ethical. Belonging to a logical type does not at all mean spiritual hardness. Men also experience, just try not to show their emotions. Where a woman will cry and find out who is the main scoundrel, the man will try to analyze the situation and find a way out. By the way, for this he needs to abstract himself from emotions. To blame the man that he is more inclined to live by reason than by feelings is like accusing a cock of croaking. Easier to chop off the head than re-educate.

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