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How not to annoy her husband

Flowers are always well poured, and potsPlaced exactly along the line. The second type does not even know where the dishes are, what a bobbin is and how to break a lump in the sink. But it is perfectly oriented in all fashion stores and pathetic places. With her you can have a great time: expensive and beautiful. The third type of housewives is not interested in either the house or their appearance, because all of her life is her child. She is a caring mother. Thousands of women do not work and stay at home, and each of these thousands is special, with its own merits and demerits. And everyone without exception can bore his man or he can lose interest in it.

1. Away from the monotony

Bored? Hence, uninteresting, monotonous and depressing. That's when a man feels it all, he starts to think about another woman. Variety is the true salvation. It must be in everything. You must be able to appear before a man in different hypostases, for example, an attentive and sympathetic girlfriend, an intelligent companion, a passionate lover, a housewife, an interesting friend, a stupid girl. Inventing an image is quite simple, because prototypes can be found in life, books and serials. It is necessary to skilfully switch from one state to another, not to be funny at a critical moment and too serious among a holiday or fun.

2. Entertainment for the sake of distraction

In addition to the economy and children there are a million things,Which you can occupy yourself with. It's about entertainment such as sports, painting, singing, photography, cinema, dancing. Of course, to exchange evening gatherings with the family for discos and movies with friends in no case it is impossible. But in the morning and at lunch, while the husband is at work, it is not necessary to watch Brazilian TV series or stories from the stellar life. So at you in the evening there will be a new theme for conversation, and even a joint hobby. It would be nice if the new hobby brought money - a small financial investment in the family budget, without prejudice to the household and their children, the man would appreciate.

3. The Sexual Side of Life

Sex - the most important component of life for two people. When problems arise in it, they always have a universal scale and their solution must come immediately. A woman should be a skillful mistress, desirable and tireless, sensual, always ready to make love. Over time, many ladies take this process to the last places, while the desire of a man does not fade away for many years.

Register for a geisha school, for striptease lessons, to surprise a man one day with an enchanting performance.

4. Do not download home problems

For a housewife, the world often revolves aroundSaucepans, plates and vacuum cleaners. This is her cauldron, in which she cooks every day. And she does not even realize that the problems of greasy stains on clothes are not very interesting to the spouse and even a broken tap in the bathroom does not bother him, because there are locksmiths who can fix everything. He has in his head contracts and contracts, customers, databases and other important business matters. When he comes home, he wants to take a break from all the worries, come to a place where there are no problems and he is always welcome.

Try to communicate only good news to the spouse, and with the troubles of the house to cope on your own - yet the responsibility for the order in it lies on you.

5. Learn to listen

One of the most important qualities of a pleasantInterlocutor - the ability to remain silent and listen. A man sometimes wants to be a commander and gives orders to his small army - all domestic. And it happens that he just wants to talk, express his displeasure, cry in your vest, see a kind smile and understanding. At such moments you must - you simply must! - as his second half be the most attentive, the most kind and sympathetic.

All these five rules are simple, like all ingenious. The main thing is not just to know them, but to follow them.

Try to change your life for at least one month, and then watch the results. They will pleasantly surprise you!


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