/ How to lose weight a man?

How to lose weight a man?

Why is he a ball?

Why does our man look like a ball? Why does it hang or firmly bulge forward belly, and the chest is about to be placed already in your bra? In his shirt, you began to not just sink, but gloomily disappear, like in a nurse attire. He began to get tired after 15 minutes of sex and talk about food all day long. Before you is an inveterate fat man, whose excess weight is not always entirely his fault. This was influenced by the following factors:

  • Genetics, which was passed on to him from his parents and, quite possibly, will also be given to his children
  • Sedentary lifestyle, inactive work - he departs from the computer only for a smoke break or toilet
  • Incorrect food, constant snacks and nightly devastation of the fridge at home
  • Irritation on the way to work, stress in the office, problems in the family
  • A great pizzeria or inexpensive, but delicious business lunches near work
  • Loving granny, who fed him for the first ten years of his life with rolls and raspberry jam so that he still can not get rid of cravings for sweets
  • Serious evil eye, induced damage and other mystical things
What can not be done?
  • Press on the poor man with phrases that he is too fat. He may have a complex, which from your phrases is even growing. A man needs moral support.
  • Eat his eyes for each patty in his hands, and even grab out sweets from the teeth and change them to cabbage.
  • Cook only salads, cereals and soups. Although it is even worse to cook them only for him, and most with pleasure to eat before him fried potatoes and onions in the sauce. Even to leave tasty, but high-calorie foods in front of him in sight is not worth it. Seduced and eaten, and then also in the fridge for the addition will climb.
  • Refuse to have sex until it is in good shape.
  • Do not take it with you to a cafe or restaurant under the pretext of an inappropriate figure or strict diet.
  • Do not tell him that he is on a diet. Men of this word are afraid, better tell me that this is a slightly modified diet. So it will become much easier.
  • Do not impose on him diet pills, allIt is untested and extremely ineffective. Well, that they are from Thailand, and the Thais are all thin! Do not believe in this exotica. We'll ruin the men, and then what? Let him eat pineapples. They too are in Thailand. And tastier, and more useful.
What to do?

Exit number one: passive

If you are fine with full men,Then you need to dissuade your hero in the fact that he needs to lose weight. Sometimes the desire to lose a few kilograms is just a bikik or a momentary rush, from which he would be happy to refuse, but he does not know how to tell you about it. Let him live and enjoy delicious food, sometimes spend time in the gym or arrange a joint trip with you to the pool.

Output number two: active

But on it we will dwell much more. Let's return to three basics: food, sports, sex.

About nutrition

It is almost entirely in the hands of a woman. Our organisms are arranged especially. At 12.00 pm the metabolism works at 100%, which means that it burns, burns and burns calories again. By 18.00 its efficiency is reduced to 20%. Now do you understand why it's better to eat lunch for two than a dense dinner? So prepare him a hearty breakfast, remind me to go to dinner, and prepare light meals for dinner. Prepared something sweet for tomorrow? Do not tell your husband about your culinary feats, let him know about sweets from the morning and eat them at the same time. Instruct him that in the morning food is a source of energy, and in the evening - fat on the stomach.

It is also important to take into account the stretched stomach. From constant overeating, your husband can not stop and eats up to the blade for every reception. First, do not rush it, let it all chew slowly (this must be explained to him), and secondly, each time prepare portions of a slightly smaller size.

A feature of the reaction of the female body to diets: Every kilogram that left us during the hunger strike leads after its end two prisoners. The digestion of men is arranged differently: with a diet, men lose weight more effectively and then gain weight much more slowly.

Also in the preparation, start graduallyRefuse to fry, turning to cooking. Red meat is sometimes replaced with chicken and turkey. By the way, his most favorite dish - meat with potatoes - is terribly harmful. After him, and sleep much like, and in the stomach heaviness. Therefore, to the meat, serve vegetables and greens. Bad eats a bird? Try to cook him fish, shrimp, squid, mussels and other inhabitants of the seas and rivers.

And if you eat a lot of bread at dinner, then buy a bran or whole-grain. It is important to exclude sweet pastries and cookies or at least leave it for the weekend.

About sport

Sport is power. Of course, sports sport is different. If a man wants to do sumo, then no one will persuade him to lose weight. Has come with the 120 kgs - give thicks up to 180, and even to look at you it is terrible. But football players and cyclists, on the contrary, burn huge amounts of energy, which means they drive extra pounds. Send her husband on track and field, swimming, martial arts and in the gym. Let him sweat. Without a sport to buy a folding figure and proportions will not work. By the way, you can go to the gym together, think about it.

About sex

It certainly can be called sports, but heMuch nicer. Perhaps the best way to lose weight is to have an intensely sex life. Half asleep and inactive in the missionary position, you will not achieve anything! More experiments - and the result will be guaranteed. Of course, the men's magazine would advise him to find a pair of mulattoes and have fun with them from the heart, but you and I do not accidentally take upon ourselves a man, we decide to help him with all hands and feet. Here also work in bed!

Special Topic: Surgeon

In the end, of course, it is worth mentioningModern surgery. To consult a surgeon, one must be a brave person, and not every man will agree to this. Although in some cases, liposuction is the only effective method. In one session, a doctor can pump out a few kilograms of fat from a man (however, also from a woman). There are few contraindications, if anything, they will be revealed by a survey. In addition to liposuction, there is another method in which the surgeon cuts off a part of the intestine that is involved in the absorption of carbohydrates. So tons of sweets for you will not be a hindrance.

It's only we with you are able to eat some apples andTo drink at night and yogurt. A man on such a diet is completely exhausted and dies. So we should not torture him - we will help to cope with excess weight in the most pleasant and effective ways.

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