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A holiday romance

And in contrast to your constant and already"Habitual" relationship resort novel helps you again feel attractive, provoking desire, worthy of the most beautiful courtship. In addition, "in the wild" you can think up any image for yourself: a female vamp, a capricious nymphet, girls "in a quiet pool" or a merry coquette. And if formal masks are enough for you on weekdays, you can go to the greatest luxury: just be yourself. Is not this a real freedom?

A holiday romance will give you an opportunityTo experiment not only in creating your own image, but also in sex. When will you decide to fulfill all your most forbidden fantasies? And then no one will reproach you even in the most immodest behavior.

In general, a holiday romance is a realAnti-stress. After all, as a result of his help you get a lot of positive emotions! And this - a treasure for your health and worn out by working everyday life of nerves.


To run into a resort romance is easy. And how it will be - also choose you. Here are some of the most popular "scenarios" - for you and for him.

friendship of Peoples

YOU: Then they travel to distant countries to get to know the local sights. It is possible - and in the form of local tanned macho. Tanned, fried, sultry inhabitants of Greece, Spain, Turkey, Cyprus and Egypt look very attractive. And tirelessly ready to give their love to pretty foreigners. So from these countries you are unlikely to go away dissatisfied.

HE: Yes, he has a dozen or two lovely, dark-skinned descendants and three obedient, beautiful wives. But HOW to stay in these familiar everyday life, contemplating the rest of these crazy white women, so free and cheerful, such - by the standards of the eastern countries - immodest!

We are also exotic for them. A very sweet forbidden fruit. That's why they carry us on their hands and blow off dust particles. And at night - just a hurricane of passion!

Carnal delights

YOU: If you have long wanted to get a new experience, the resort is the place for choosing the right "teacher". Yes, and the parameters of the future partner on the beach are visible to the naked eye. And if you have decided, then enjoy and do not feel remorse, even if someone is waiting for you at home. Firstly, with a new friend you can try something that shy to do in the arms of a constant partner. Secondly, then with him you can apply your new knowledge. And thirdly, you will confirm your attractiveness not only for him, but for other men. In the eyes there will be the brightest shine of a satisfied woman, and self-esteem will soar to the skies!

HE: The male part of the population is eager for resorts "without their own samovar" for similar reasons. Break away from everyday life, for a few days to lose his head ... True, if a woman pursues quality, then men, sometimes, and for quantity. Collecting the longest legs, the most chic busts, the most swarthy delights - a very common male hobby. But such a gentleman must certainly be skilled at amorous affairs.

Weep in the vest

You: It happens and such. On vacation strive for people who on weekdays spent in the stuffy offices, working from morning till night without days off and holidays, and were simply deprived of the opportunity to communicate normally on abstract topics with an interesting person.

With such a man, you can laugh, chatAbout trifles, to discuss the local cuisine and the level of service. And also - to open any of your secrets and just talk. It's not dangerous, because then you will never see. Just do not burden it with your everyday problems, because he did not come to the resort to listen to "what a bitch this neighbor is from above" or how delightfully you lost weight thanks to herbal enemas.

HE: No matter how difficult it is to believe, men are also not sexual robots, and besides carnal pleasures they just need a pleasant chat. But if you hear phrases like: "Mom does not approve of my communication with the girls" or "I ran away from my wife, she's so angry with me," run away from him headlong! Find yourself an interlocutor, to whom you really want to provide your "waistcoat." After all, it is much more pleasant to listen to real knightly deeds, even if slightly embellished, than about what kind of frying pan his sluggish wife was beating at.

The second youth

YOU: Away from thinking that the romance novel is easy to get only a young girl with a model figure. Each has its own goals. And if you are not 20 and even (we do not confess to anyone!) - no longer 30, then for you there are worthy gentlemen who have managed to get a good upbringing and the notion of "honor of the uniform", gentlemanly behavior and that the woman - This is a beautiful lady, and not a "chick", "zenka" and "hey baby, good ass!". Do not you think that your views coincide?

OH: Men over 50 have a huge choice. With the same skill they will be able to charm both the experienced woman and the young creature. A trip to the resort for many of them - like a chance to escape again as a young man and to prove to himself that there is still gunpowder in the flasks. So - whether his partner is another lolita or lady of his years - he will try to deliver the maximum. For him, this is, if you want, a test of strength. Own - still very masculine - the body.


YOU: It happens that ladies on vacation consider a full-fledged part of the service not only a 5-star room and spa treatments, but also sexual services. And where else, if not here, can you dare to such a daring act? Especially since nobody knows you! Feel yourself the mistress of the situation, thrusting a bill directly into the simple clothes of a stripper. Such an adventure will add a little bit of drive to your life, especially if at home you are in fact always a "good girl".

HE: Are you ready to pay for your pleasure? In return, a grateful man will professionally play the role of a passionate lover, ready to wear his beloved woman in his arms. And, perhaps, it is better to have a professional "helper" who will fulfill all your desires and disappear from your life forever, than the intruding gigolo, who then "forgets" to pay for you in the restaurant, will go to your account for an expensive excursion and, by the way, get With you a lot of other pleasures. Which of the two is more honest - choose you.

And if this is love?

YOU: You're not going to believe in fairy tales. But this new acquaintance is so similar to your ideal! Beautiful, intelligent, caring, without financial problems, but how to care! And how close you are to these few days! But if the tongue starts to ask: "And when will I get acquainted with your mother?" - better keep silent. At least in order not to jinx your unexpected happiness. It will come true - well, but not come true - but you will not feel foolish.

HE: The male sex realistically looks at the world, their practicality can not melt even the hot beach sun. And this means that, falling in love, he immediately starts to think: how will you live? Who will have to give up the house, friends and work and start everything from scratch? And is there enough money for all this? So do not worry if your favorite first offers you "while chatting in ICQ, and then we'll think of something". He really needs time: to figure out what it was - love or real feelings. And if, nevertheless, he managed to fall in love, then prepare the ground for your joint existence.


No matter how excited your desires affectionate sea, affectionate sun and no less affectionate glances of the fans, there are things to be remembered in any circumstances.


When picking up essentials, do not forget about condoms. Buy the most durable and put in all your pockets and handbags. Then you will be protected even in the most spontaneous situation.


It's one thing to make love with a beautifulA stranger in his hotel room, and quite another - decide to go to visit him (not far away, a couple of hours on his car) or for souvenirs to a huge eastern market, where he knows everything, and you know neither roads nor language. And more: do not let the unfamiliar person see where you store valuable things, and even more so do not exchange addresses and phones with him.

Nedetskoe Unexpectedness

Wake up, and next to - a stranger? So, yesterday's party was not in vain. Do not reproach yourself or his. If you like a person sleeping with you under one blanket, get acquainted and continue to sleep peacefully until you find a more interesting occupation, and if not, treat your neighbor to breakfast and go home. In a minute you will forget about him, and in the "bad girl" to play even nice!


Parting is an art. And when a man tries to "peacefully" part, in the last evening arranging a romantic dinner and showering you with farewell gifts - this is not the worst way out. After all, many people do much more prosaically - they just get drunk with "grief" or generally quietly run away. Comfort yourself with statistics: only 5 percent of holiday romances end in marriage. But whatever your end, the main thing - do not regret it. It is better to show female wisdom, let it go easily and be happy - you had such a good time together.


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