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Thoughts of married men

5 gifts, which he really would like to receive for his birthday

  • His favorite photo with your image (just the one that most you do not like).
  • A pair of new silk boxers.
  • CD, which would replace the collection of tapes, collected in the student years.
  • Something with the control panel.
  • Anything related to fishing or cooking shish kebabs.
3 things he would not want for his birthday
  • A phone that looks like someone else's.
  • A TV that is smaller in size than the one already available.
  • The artsy shaving kit (the one he buys in a nearby store, suits him).
7 things that excite him
  • If you are painting your lips before you put on a blouse.
  • Lick a spoon with ice cream, standing in front of an open refrigerator.
  • Stroke in your underwear (or in general do something in your underwear).
  • Apply foot cream.
  • Tell him that you will be home late, because you are going to do depilation on the bikini area.
  • Remove hair from the nape, if you feel hot
  • All day long you wander around the house in his old T-shirt.
4 things he says when he does not listen to you
  • "Do you need an answer?" And I thought it was a rhetorical question. "
  • "Sorry, I'm still thinking about what you told me before."
  • "What do you think about this?".
  • "Ah ... what? I did not hear what you said, as I stared at your beautiful lips."
3 things you need to know about his body
  • Sometimes pressing you closer to that place in public is just a medical necessity.
  • Every hair falling from his head costs 30 minutes of stress.
  • He also has days when he eats and can not stop.
4 things that he will never understand in you
  • Why do you need seven pairs of shoes for 2 weeks of rest.
  • Why do you like watching movies that make you cry.
  • Why do you do a haircut just to go to the store.
  • Why would you rather spend 300 dollars on a handbag than on a new DVD player.
5 things about which he can think at this very minute
  • If I work this way every day, I'll soon need to recharge.
  • Of all my acquaintances, I'm surely the most passionate wife.
  • I hope she pounced on me and ripped off my clothes as soon as I entered.
  • Is light beer really so bad.
  • I think I liked this saleswoman from McDonald's, because she put me a portion of the potato in excess of the norm.
4 things that sweep in his head, when you say that you are expecting a child
  • Heck! I definitely lose consciousness during childbirth.
  • Yes! I will be the best father in the world.
  • It's cool to know that your seed works.
  • I hope the child will be born healthy and will play football well.
4 questions, which he always answers no
  • "Is it all fools in my family?".
  • "Do you think I should do a plastic surgery?".
  • "Maybe I'm not wearing this dress and trying on another?".
  • "Do I have new wrinkles?".
4 questions that he can not answer
  • "Is this varnish combined with these shoes?".
  • "Do I have to give my hairdresser another try, or go to another salon?".
  • "I'm thicker than my girlfriend ... ..?".
  • "When will you finally become serious?".
The question to which he always answers "yes"
  • "Do you think we can do this here?".
What surprises him in you
  • That you get the pizza out of the box and put it in the plate before eating it.
  • That you really take a bath on the weekends.
  • When you are dining in a restaurant, you always manage to order a dish more delicious than him.
  • When you kiss him, I catch cold with my hand.

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