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My husband's mistress

The worst thing in this situation is not anotherWoman, but the betrayal of a loved one whom you unreservedly believed. But if you discard emotions, wipe your nose and persuade yourself not to call your mother or best friend, then you should think about why she did it? After all, who is able to understand a woman better than another woman?

That the wife is offended, broken, crushed, thisQuite understandable. Mistress rejoices: "This is her, and not me, he deceived so much time.This was me, and not her got the watch stolen, and from that extremely sweet happiness, it is she, not me, roaring now and seeking support, attention and suffering before choice - Get drunk or go to your mom. " A sort of small, childishly naive revenge. Only love is not a sand kulichik, it's not easy to rebuild anew. And emotionally overwhelmed wife can seldom easily destroy everything. And only because I did not ask myself the right time: "Why does a mistress do this?"

And then, that the mistress is not even happier,Than a wife. And sitting in her corner of a love triangle, she also cries, just like her rival now. She has to go to the guests on holidays to get rid of loneliness. And it is the mistress who understands that her lover does not suffer at all, every evening returning to the usual comfort - his beloved children, his wife, a sofa in front of the TV and ironed shirts in the morning. But she would gladly iron his shirts himself and raise children.

And from the understanding of all this, it is decided onA big and very stupid step is to call his wife. She hopes that now everything will be different. And a loved one will be able to break the bonds of a "bored" marriage, become free, and therefore happy, move to her and create with her a new, completely different, strong family.

And except for such long-term plans mistressCherishes another very strong feeling - revenge. "Well, I'm suffering so long, knowing about the existence of my wife, I'm tormented and jealous, even if she is in my situation and will understand what it's like to share a beloved man."

And what about the wife? What should she do, or, conversely, not to do? Of course, every case here is special. But in order not to make a frenzy of stupid things and not to regret them, when self-control returns, it is worthwhile to adopt several rules.

Be taller and smarter than a mistress. It provokes you to scandal with her husband, to break the relationship. She wants to puzzle you. Do not give her this opportunity.

Do not try to visit her to arrange for her to "debrief". Otherwise, it's just the mistress and will later turn out to be that unhappy woman that a man should regret.

It is not necessary to follow her, causing her to be satisfied with the importance of her own person.

Do not ask about her: believe me, there are a lot of well-wishers who want to tell her about your humiliation.

Do not blackmail your husband with children or with co-property - after all, if he wanted to leave, why is he still with you?

And most importantly - do not hide your pain inYourself. Yes, you feel fury and despair, and you are right in that! Another thing is that it is better to direct this aggression to Thai boxing or throwing a hammer than to "punish" with a husband or another woman. After all, almost always mistresses and wives consider themselves rivals competing for a prize - a man. Often in their struggle they use even impermissible methods. But is it not worthwhile for both of them to think that they are in reality on the same side of the barricades: deceived, unhappy, faithful, un- loved?

Therefore, if you had a call and you heard: "Hello, I am your husband's lover", maybe it would be right to invite her to a cup of coffee and make friends. In the end, who will understand a woman better than another woman. And there are a lot of men in this world. And one of them will need you.


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