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How to be beautiful and happy


I have persuaded others, but the world can not be changed. Everyone perceives it differently. Each of us has our own views. And nobody wants to put up with other opinions. But how to make people understand you, loved, respected?

And the first rule, this is what: just do not need everyone around you to love you. You can not adjust to everyone and please everyone.

To get Love, you need to learn how to give it away.

And I continued to believe, to prove. I stood still. And she continued to believe all her convictions without letting in new ones.

No, with conservatism, spreading likeEpidemic, I will never discover anything new and profound! And nothing will help me to move forward! And this is the Second Rule, which I had to embody to me.

And now I gradually began to abandon many things. I began to change. Change internal views. And outwardly I became different. From a brunette, I turned into a blonde.

Why do we think and look, we dig others? Why we are looking for advice and answers in relationships in books, magazines .... If the answer is one, you need to look at yourself.

Look from the outside to yourself. Change only yourself.

Only you yourself are able to make yourself happy or sad.

Many tips, many people say that you need to do this and that. When we are told, be sure, but how? When they say be strong, how to become strong?

There is only one cure. Self-expression.

You just need to tell yourself more often that you need to goforward. Stop being surrounded by people who are pulling us down. Of course, people can not turn away, but when you change, these people will leave you.

And in love, do not try to change your loved one, because turning him into another person, remember that maybe this new person will not want to stay with you.

And in conclusion I want to wish all love. And remember, when two people enter into a relationship, the life of each of them should improve, but not the other way around.


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