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Care of the husband: whether it is possible to return and how

Demonstrate a new outfit or boastOf course, they will be able to work with their amazing pies. But to play in the "innocent victim", in the "person who keeps everything" or, conversely, in the "helpless girl who needs care", and in other similar games at work is not always possible. In families, often, such games become a kind of ritual, and when they stop, a woman feels that something is missing.
And, of course, left without a husband, a woman feels more vulnerable materially.
It seems to her that the only way out of this situation is the return of her husband. And she will not be dissuaded by any arguments that he is not the only man and their relationship was not something unique.
And if a man was really the only one,Suffering only intensifies. This often lies in wait for women, very selective in communication. As a rule, such people have a small circle of close friends. And every person in this circle is "worth the weight of gold." Each is comparable to a unique work of art, where one can not completely compensate for the loss of another.

Why did he leave?

This is what you need to try to understand in the firstqueue. What did he lack in communication with you? Or maybe something was in excess? More than necessary? Do not rush to answer this important question. Think carefully. Even if the husband, leaving, could not more clearly formulate his claims. Many people avoid talking about painful problems for them and substituting the real reason for the fictitious.
To make sure that you correctly understand the reasonsYour gap, once again remember in what situations the husband most often spoiled the mood. When he brought into the house a company of drunken friends, and you pointedly rattled the dishes in the kitchen, not including the need to hide displeasure? Or when you flirted with another man? Or when you prevented him from "calmly" watching football with conversations, that again there is no money and that he does not deal with children?
When you have found out, why the husband has left, think,Can you give him what he wants if you have another chance. If you still think that his desires are a whim to be stopped and a husband needs re-education, it's hardly worth trying to return it. It is better to look around in search of another man whose needs will be more consistent with yours.

Rules for clarifying relations

Talk to him. But only without complaints, accusations and excuses. As a man is already ready for this in advance and is preparing to repulse. If at least one accusation falls from your lips or he reads a reproach in your eyes, the whole conversation turns into another series of clarifying the relationship, which will further alienate you from each other. Demonstrate that you fully acknowledge his freedom and do not claim anything. Just want to understand what happened, where you were wrong. Each of us is so seldom attentively listened to in life that few people will resist the temptation to express sore.
Do not bargain: "I promise to improve, and you return to the family." In a woman, the role of a victim can be combined with a feeling of love, in a man - only in rare "abnormal" cases. Change not for fun, for a while, but for good and for good. Because they understood the rightness of the man. Because, having changed, you have learned to listen, understand and respect the desires of others. We learned to respect ourselves. Do not in any way demonstrate that you are ready to wait for it forever.

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