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Than useful kisses

On average, on kisses, we spend two weeks of our lives, and it burns 29 kilocalories per minute. So kiss more often, with benefit to your body!

Kisses are useful in combating hay fever. Japanese researchers found that 30 minutes of intense kisses reduce sniffing and sneezing with allergies. This pleasant process relaxes the body and slows the production of histamine, a substance that is responsible for showing signs of allergy.

Do not scare off cash by refusingkiss. American researchers in the 90 years of the last century found that men who kiss a spouse (or girlfriend) before leaving for work, earn more than grumblers who do not. They also live longer and less often get into car accidents. And these men are much less likely to grow old before the time from wrinkles.
Source: www.tden.ru
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