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Man of my dreams

10 true signs of a good lover

1.The potential of sexual energy is determined by the presence in the male hormones of the androgen group. The main one is testosterone. A high level of this hormone is manifested in the increased "hairiness" of the chest, legs and other parts of the body, as well as in early baldness of the head. But keep in mind: quantity does not always mean quality.

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2. Another external sign of a loving man, strangely enough, is a small growth, women do not throw themselves at the feet of low men, so they go on different tricks - they use eloquence, they give them chic gifts, they make beautiful deeds and real feats for the sake of the ladies. After bringing the matter to bed, the undersized also try not to hit the dirt in the face, trying to guess all the desires and dreams of a woman, show maximum sensitivity and ingenuity.

3. Evaluating the appearance of the candidate in lovers, listen to his smell. There is the concept of olfactory compatibility. It's like with spirits - if they suit you, then, having perfumed them, for the first few minutes you should feel a spiritual lift, and then stop feeling them. Sniff at the boyfriend after a walk - if you do not feel a pleasant excitement and his smell does not seem native, then with this man the relationship will never be comfortable.

4. The sound of his voice should also awaken in you pleasant feelings. Then rely on your own taste. Note that the owner of a velvet bass or sexual baritone is not only what you tell, but also to show. German scientist argues that the more beautiful the voice of a man, the more so this man, so to speak, "long-playing" in bed.

5. The manner of conversation is also an important point. The predominance of interrogative intonation speaks not only of his desire to please you, but also of the fact that he is not too confident in his abilities. Experience, of course, the concept of acquired, but do you have time to wait until he makes it? If a man does not hesitate to tell you compliments, then be sure: he knows what he wants. The main thing is that your desires coincide.

6. The gait of a man also speaks volumes. She can give out his self-doubt or, on the contrary, overestimated self-esteem. If a man moves so fast that you can hardly keep up with him, then in bed he will be just as fast. The military bearing testifies to excessive rectilinearity and artlessness. And the graceful gait of a dancer is what you need.

7. Analyze how a man behaves, caring for you. If he chooses a performance, a film, a concert or dishes in a restaurant, relying only on his own taste, then in intimate relations he will impose his will. You need it or not, decide for yourself. But if he consults with you in such matters, you have good chances to achieve mutual understanding in a love game.

8. Watch how he eats. If everything suffices, chews as if it were, trying to finish quickly - then it can hardly be called an erotic gourmet. For this, the main thing is to put a tick in your "track record". But if he eats slowly, understands the condiments and appreciates the good wines, then the night spent with him, you will remember for a long time. By the way, on gastronomic predilections it is possible to draw far-reaching conclusions about a man's sexuality. The simpler and coarser his taste in food, the more simple and rude he is in bed.

9. See how your buddy pays in a restaurant or shop. If he scrupulously counts each penny, think about it. You, he just as afraid to "overpay" in the warmth of the heart, attention and affection ... Generosity is one of the main qualities of a real man.

10. Notice how he looks at you. Strangely enough, for a good lover bed - not at all important. If a man often evaluates your figure and mentally undresses you, be wary. Do you want to be the next "peak of Communism", on which he will put his flag? If his eye seeks to drown in your eyes - the prospects are much more tempting.

Here they are, real lovers. Beware of cheap fakes!

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