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Women's secrets: how to master a man?

When you know the ways of seducing men, it is much easier to choose a line of conduct in each individual case.

When the flatterer, this Casanova, will get herPanegyric, praising your beauty, we advise a woman to be stupid not to smile, do not blush and do not giggle. It must be remembered that he does not so much admire you as he wants to confuse you and get a preponderance in the conversation. Apply his rules of the game, thank, and then praise in return. Try to have your compliment with a double bottom and you have to think about it. For a few moments the man is lost, digesting what you said, and at that moment the advantage will be on your side. Go to the offensive, ask him, ask questions about your career and leisure. Try to learn more about him, is he the person you need? And as little as possible, give information about yourself.

If a man begins to be rude, do not turn to himRough words of attention, do not show that you are offended or shocked. Its rudeness is just a way to get a moral advantage over you, somehow suppress you. He will try to get you into a dispute - in no case do not go for it. Regardless of the subject matter of the dispute - art, politics, nature - only you are interested in him, and he does not know any other way to get to you. Here, too, the best defense is to start asking questions. A man forced to respond to them will stop his ranting and will be knocked down somewhat from his position. It's time to start an attack. Cover it with questions, and you will be amazed at how quickly it will cool down and return to a civilized form of conversation. Here it will be found out whether it is worthwhile mastering it, whether a pleasant person hides behind a rude speech or not. Most often the answer will be positive, and the brusque rudeness and recklessness is just a shell, behind which an ordinary person hides.

The easiest way to deal with the "stone sculpture." At first glance, this is the most impregnable man, but the secret is that it is worthwhile to ask him, as if in passing, an incidental question requiring a detailed answer, and he will turn into a defensive side, come out of his gloomy, Mephistopheles state. And then the usual series of personal questions should follow: where he lives, how he earns, etc. You play along with him, since all he wanted was for you to come first and take responsibility for everything that happens. But you will always have an advantage in the conversation, and only you will determine how far it will go. Do not let men take you over in conversation until you are sure that you have tamed them.

Men are attracted by courageous, confident,The self-willed women - they challenge them, they should be conquered. Do not think that men are afraid of modern, confident, frank women. They are not afraid of them at all, they love them. If you have met a man who really attracts you, then try to make it clear to him: show that you are enjoying the conversation with him, show interest in his life, hobbies. Then, with the help of small requests (bring a glass, substitute a chair), reinforce his sense of ownership with respect to you. And since he felt himself to be your owner, you almost achieved success: your new friend will begin to protect you from the claims of other men, and his mood will rise significantly when you let him know that you are with him. There is nothing more to increase a man's self-esteem and his erotic interest in you than a fight for you (provided he always comes out victorious).

If a man wants others to admireHis dexterity, strength, courage, money he earns, then a woman needs to appreciate her beauty. A man who is not too lazy to repeat his wife every day: "My God, how beautiful you are!" - can feel completely safe: he will not be forced to wash dishes, lay out all his salary on the table, once again run to the store. And on the contrary, a woman, let even formal attention to her appearance on the part of a man, very quickly turn into a meager: she will grumble, complain about her numerous sores, whine, and, eventually, her husband's death. The attitude of a man to a woman is largely determined by the desire to "bring to a state of shock," to surprise, cause mute rapture, amazement with unreasoned stories. A woman in this sense is firmly on the ground, it never enters her head to shock men with things that she never had in her life. She will gladly surprise herself. She has enough for this, and strength, and attention, and endurance. Women more than anything in the world adore pleasant surprises.

If a man wants to save himself from grumpyWife, let her buy some cute little thing every day. If a woman becomes a burden for a man's displeasure, she does not buy anything to herself, much less to him, but will leave him alone for at least an hour, when he returns home from work and gives him the opportunity to do what he wants. Men need silence as a hot bath in which they like to soak up. Similarly, emotional women need a small sketch that will cheer them up like a cool shower. Men do not need to talk for a long time on the phone, for a woman - this is one of the greatest pleasures. They need at least an hour a day to properly speak out. Men need this hour to be quiet. Once Pythagoras said: "A noble spouse, if you want your husband to spend your free time near you, then try not to find so many pleasures, pleasure, modesty and tenderness in any other place."

To keep a man and strengthen a family, a woman must remember and observe the 7 rules necessary in family life.

1. Never "drank" the husband. To the clever useful and correct remark will come at once, to the stupid - no matter how much, it will not come.

2. Do not try to re-educate a man. In the relationship between people, the main thing is not to stop a person from remaining himself, do not force him to change habits that give him pleasure, unless, of course, they do not harm others.

3. Provide your husband with signs of attention and demand the same from him. Signs of attention - this is the style of good marital relations. It is important only that it is not too intrusive and sugary.

4. Do not criticize your husband in the presence of strangers, acquaintances, relatives, children. Critical remarks, even if they are fair, should be made eye to eye. In addition, the constant criticism of one spouse by another leads to discomfort in the family, conflicts, emotional disruption, destroys marital contact.

5. Remember only the good. The ability to remember good is the ability to forget the bad.

6. Be polite. For some reason, some well-mannered and polite people at work in the family become rude, who constantly dictate, teach, accuse.

7. Take care of your health and loved ones. Ancient Chinese wisdom says: "Health is the first wealth, and the second is a happy marriage." Watch your husband's health, force him to go to the doctor in time, be examined, undergo a preventive examination. A person who does not care about his health is a decent egoist, since his illnesses place a heavy burden on the shoulders of relatives and friends.

It is noticed that the husband and wife, who lived long in theMarriage, start to resemble each other. Indeed, if the spouses live in peace and harmony, they adopt the manners from each other, respond equally to certain events, they develop the same tastes and habits. They do not just live side by side, they live together for each other, and therefore each of them has the right to say: "Your life is my life."

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