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Spouses' private space

A certain distance recommendedPsychologists, and in marriage is needed, and maybe even more important than in communicating with those who are not part of your family. Sometimes observing this distance can save many problems. It is necessary to start with the fact that long and too close communication is tedious. For some people it is simply intolerable.
What is meant by this concept? Most likely, the reasonable coexistence of two people, when everyone tries to leave some piece of a spouse's life in his own conduct.
"Turning each other to the wrong side" is at allNot the same thing that is meant by the utmost frankness. It is therefore limiting, which has a certain maximum permissible limit. Admit it honestly - do not you have thoughts, memories, desires and character traits that you would not like to reveal to anyone.
Sometimes there is such a mood, when the whiteThe light is not nice and I just want to be alone. Smart partner in such a situation will not insist on intimacy and become intrusive. Perhaps your half takes time to think about something important related to your relationship, make a decision or just relax and streamline your thoughts?
From time to time people should leave each otherat rest. Not in vain separate bedrooms of spouses are considered a normal phenomenon in the whole world. And not only bedrooms, but also cabinets, boudoir and so on. This "spoiled" the housing issue. Now our inner desire to "hide in your corner" made the kitchen such a place for women, and a barn, a cellar or a garage - for men.
In the rest of the time, when the sun shines brightly,And life pleases, most people agree to share with the neighbor part of their personal space. Go to the cinema together, discuss something, work together on a daily basis. So the overwhelming majority of people live in a happy marriage.
People should be together only by mutual desire. As for the question of rest - together orApart, then, maybe, sometimes it's worth to rest separately, if, for example, for a husband the best rest is fishing, and the wife tolerates tents and mosquitoes. There is nothing bad in this if the separate rest does not imply anything that would spoil relations between the spouses. And, of course, for a long time it's not necessary to leave.

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