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Friends of the family

Hence, everything that could have already happened or will happen from day to day. In any case, drive a girlfriend. She will not lead a man out of the family, but she will spoil the mood fairly.


  • If he is not invited to dinner,
  • With a joyful smile on his face, rushes to carry out any assignment of your spouse,
  • Looks at her with the eyes of a faithful puppy and almost bursts out of rapture,
  • With tenderness perceives any said stupidity,
  • Smokes a lot, often sighs and significantly silent,
  • Gives you flowers without any reason to your wife, and clings with her "on friendly terms" with her on the phone,
  • Ready to rush at the first demand in any weather ...

Hence, the relationship has gone far and it's time to take urgent measures with the mandatory excommunication of the family friend from the house and body of the wife.

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