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Tips for sex

2. Refusal of fast sex

It is known that the importance of foreplay is quite strongIs overvalued. Try to take the initiative in your hands and move to more decisive actions. Your control over the situation of a loved one will certainly enjoy it, because sometimes there is nothing more exciting than fast sex.

3. The same poses

Most couples have only a couple of constantSexual poses. This scenario seems out of date. This is exactly the habit that makes sex monotonous and even boring. Your friend, piously sure that a butterfly is just an intricately tying a neck scarf, will be pleasantly surprised. Surprise yourself and you: scissors - this is not only a thing with a carnation in the middle. Boldly put a veto on the usual poses, and see what you voluntarily deprived yourself!

4. Read the script

Forget about time management and stop planningTime for sex. Believe me, nothing will brighten up the life of even the most pedantic yuppies, like an unexpected sex in an elevator stuck between the floors of a business center. And nothing so dulls the bored gypsy as a sudden attack on him by the hot Amazon. But if she breaks the chaise longue and overturns a bucket of potatoes, who dares to reproach her?

5. The Game

The game is appreciated in the theater and cinema, but not worth itAbuse acting in bed. If once again you want to flatter your loved one and portray unearthly bliss, think about the risk, say goodbye forever to a better sex life. Is it worth playing such a candle?

6. Begin and Win

Forget about sex only on His initiative. Emancipation, fortunately, went beyond the social framework, and boldly invaded personal life. Liked such a turn of events can not but please, and you just have to understand that controlling the situation is extremely pleasant.

7. Serious relationship

Laugh even in bed. Especially in bed. Avoid excessive seriousness: joint fun not only brings together, but also helps to avoid embarrassing moments. Within the framework of the project "Sex of merry and resourceful" it is not forbidden to perform comic verses and pantomimes. We recommend, however, to refrain from joking about Bush and the Holocaust.

8. Refusal to view erotic films

Erotic movies - or as an option -Erotic reading helps to tune in the right way. And this is not a waste of time. In the end, we also need to take care of education: archaeologists say that people who for historical reasons did not look at the "Merging of the Two Moons" and did not look through illustrated men's magazines, argued that Clitoris is an island in the Aegean Sea, and cunnilingus is one The first models of submarines, developed by the American engineer Robert Fulton.

9. The Vow of Silence

Compliments, a story about feelings and sensations are appropriate in bed, as nowhere else. After all, they further warm up mutual interest. So, do not be silent - it will be useful to both of you.

10. Love for yourself

Remembering cellulite and other imperfections is best before a tight dinner. In bed, think about your own shortcomings from your head. After all, you are now the most desired woman.

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