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The cure for loneliness

Theoretically from Diogenes, any woman is differentUnless by belonging to the other sex. Because each by nature - a self-sufficient person, for whom loneliness, in metered quantities, is a great opportunity to be alone with oneself, philosophize, do something pleasant and even miss your beloved, who left for a few days on a business trip. In reality, the fear of loneliness is excruciating. Putting on one or another mask, loneliness is cleverly disguised and so dexterously involves women in its diabolical action, that, complaining, for example, of a physical ailment or overweight, they never sin on the true culprit.

Who chooses solitude?

The causes of loneliness are most often hidden in the earlyChildhood. Experts have long found out that the mental development of a child deprived of love and attention is slower than that of his peers, and the load of negative emotions remains in memory for almost the entire life and makes itself felt in bizarre and even ugly forms.

The life of a single woman resembles a computerProgram with a virus, which for one reason or another she received as a child. At first the virus does not betray itself, hiding in the depths of the subconscious, but in due course it walks to its fullest. Suffering from the misunderstanding of others, feeling hopelessness of the situation or having lost the hope to meet a loved one, women do not understand the true causes of fears, but struggle with them - to the best of their ability. For example, they try to convince themselves that ... their grandmothers were widows during the war, but, as is known, they did not die of longing. Or try to fawn upon others, hoping thus to place them to themselves. Or they cultivate insults in their own soul, gradually turning into inveterate egoists and samoyedok. In any case, they mobilize mental and physical forces to fight a painful problem and, not knowing what they are doing, include a powerful mechanism of subconscious mental protection. But the problem remains, and the woman gets used to living with pain - misunderstanding, disappointment, indifference, because she is not accustomed to address such "trifles" to specialists.

Over time, the situation is aggravated even more and,It seems, it is unclear why the "victim" of loneliness begins to get nervous, suffer from insomnia, go to the gynecologist for violations of the menstrual cycle, complain about back pain ... And does not suspect that this life program with the virus destroys its own house from the inside. Further - more: mental health suffers. Many events are perceived one-sidedly, every minor trifle attached great importance, and the situation in fact can - end sadly.

An example of this is the image of a poor Lisa in the same nameThe work of the writer Karamzin. The girl grew up alone and in her childhood did not see, as psychologists say, models of family happiness. Her emotions, "heated up" in the light way of Erast, so far off scale from internal problems, that from the tragic decision she was not stopped even by the thought of an old mother who did not suffer the death of her only daughter.

Some women, trying to hide fromTheir own loneliness, get married, get divorced, give birth to children, give birth to countless girlfriends, with whom they, in general, do not associate anything. In a word, "drown" loneliness in vanity of vanities. Is it effective? Unfortunately no. Because in the crowd you can feel even more alone than yourself.

Freud will help us
Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, was not onlyA professional doctor, but also a lonely person. Once, sitting down at his desk and analyzing his own problem, he got rid of it, "splashing out" on paper. Thus, specialists received one of the most effective methods - psychoanalysis, which is used to this day. The patient, under the strict guidance of the psychoanalyst, speaks his own problem and gets rid of it - such, in a primitive presentation, is the scheme of treatment for loneliness.

  • A sense of boredom, a sense of guilt and worthlessness, spiritual emptiness - these are the symptoms of impending loneliness;
  • To control your feelings, put your thoughts in order;
  • Solve problems as they occur;
  • Do not stall - move from reflection to active action;
  • Try to avoid emotional overload and nervous breakdowns;
  • Do not let loneliness creep into the souls of your children;
  • Make a choice in favor of life - this is already a lot.
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