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Color and character

In a story with my acquaintance, it turned out that hisCharacter and style of life corresponds exactly to the color of Bordeaux, and yellow - the direct opposite. As spouses with polar characters and habits find it difficult to get along together, so a person with his car can be constantly out of tune for the same reasons.
We will uncover the secrets of some popular colors among motorists.

The black Symbolizes self-confidence and solidity. He calls for stability, adherence to principles, exactingness and ambition.
White Has the highest level of energy. Reflects from itself all colors, but because it is generous and incorruptible. If you are honest and fair, this is your color.
Blue - the color of the world and the highest harmony. It symbolizes internal confidence, interest in worldview issues, fidelity to traditions, and also speaks about elegance and high standing in the society.
Green - a symbol of calm and balance: judiciousness, slowness in decision-making, natural wisdom.
Bordeaux - quite erotic and awakens instincts. However, this excitement is more of an emotional nature than a physical one. For fans of this color are characterized by power, pent-up passion, exactingness, emotional saturation, propensity to threats and suppression.
Orange - a symbol of physical passivity and active thought. The desire for renewal and the tendency to fantasy on the general background of carefreeness bring a romantic touch.
Bright red - self-assertive and exciting color. His followers are characterized by dynamism, great willpower, courage and rudeness.
Citric - uncertainty and caution. Items painted in this color seem tender and refined. Lovers of lemon tend to keep on mind some kind of cunning.
Purple - color is magical. It symbolizes the polysemy, gloominess and insolubility of internal contradictions.
Yellow - the sun. He is full of optimism and vitality. And besides, it hides extraordinary mental abilities, openness, sociability and the desire to break out of the closed space.
Turquoise - east: dreamy, secretive, possesses intuition and is internally emotional. Cold, he at the same time is submissive and changeable, striving for isolation.
Salad dressing - a purely feminine color, liberated, very soft and calm, since it is a mixture of green and yellow, symbolizes hope and the pursuit of eternal life.

Now choose among these colors "your" andCompare with the color of your car. If you are only going to buy yourself a "house on wheels", take what you have said to make the right choice.
Color will constantly affect youInvisible force, so it is better to know in advance what kind of power it is. Better yet, be friends with her. If you want to know some of the traits of your new or business partner with a car, just ask if he likes the color of his car. And if he is fascinated by the "girlfriend" - boldly draw conclusions ...
I, for one, like the yellow-eyed "Porshe", and you?

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