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Why does the baby snore?

Find out the reason

During sleep, the muscles of the throat relax, the lumen in theThe airways become narrower. This partially blocks the passage of air. Any inflammation or enlargement of the tonsils creates an obstacle to air. The inhalation is difficult, the relaxed part of the pharynx vibrates, noise is heard.
The sooner you recognize the beginning illness, the faster it can be got rid of.
Adenoids Are directly related to breathing problems. The increased pharyngeal tonsil ceases to fulfill its protective function and becomes a source of dangerous viruses and bacteria.
The first symptoms occur at night. Dry cough, noisy and frequent breathing, stuffy nose.
If you do not immediately start treatment, the amygdala inflames and closes the nasal passages from the inside. The baby begins to speak indistinctly, breathes only with his mouth.

■ The doctor will prescribe a rinse, instillation, physiotherapy and restorative medications. Follow its recommendations - and you will quickly cope with the problem.

Allergy May well be accompanied by snoring. As a result of inflammation of the mucous air with difficulty passes through the respiratory tract.

■ Facilitate the state of vasoconstrictors andAnti-allergenic drugs. And necessarily address to the otolaryngologist and the allergist. When you recognize and eliminate the allergen, the baby will immediately feel better.

Apnea (A syndrome of sudden respiratory arrest) is primarily diagnosed by intermittent, noisy and irregular snoring.
Small delays in breathing can not be overlooked. After them, the child usually jumps up and takes a few deep breaths.

■ In addition to medical treatment will help to properly composed diet, gymnastics, aimed at strengthening the muscles of the larynx, as well as singing.

Anatomical structure of ENT organs can becomeCause of shortness of breath in a dream. This is due to narrow nasal passages, the location of the palatine curtain or the curvature of the nasal septum. There are both congenital and acquired as a result of trauma.

■ Do not delay the visit to the otolaryngologist. This problem is corrected by surgical intervention. The sooner you decide on an operation, the faster you will save the child from snoring. The procedure is performed under anesthesia.

Do prevention

Even if the child always had excellent health, precautions should be respected without question. And you have to explain to the kid that in the cold season it's very easy to catch a cold!
Do not scare the child with drafts, strongWind and cold puddles. Better teach him to watch how the cap is tied, a jacket or overalls is buttoned. Choose for your baby comfortable waterproof shoes or boots.
Another important point is compliance with hygiene rules. Be sure to tell us that you need to wash your hands with soap after walking and before eating!
If you follow these instructions, the child will be protected, and you are calm for his health.

What to do with adenoids?

Adenoids, Or more correctly adenoid vegetations (adenoid) Is the formation of the lymphoid tissue that forms the basis of the nasopharyngeal tonsil. This is a fairly common disease in children from the first year of life.
Is it necessary to remove adenoids? Medication can be effective only for adenoids First degree. When Second and third degrees, Unfortunately, without surgeryNot to manage, since the adenoids are a permanent focus of microbes, viruses and fungi. Drugs and medical procedures that can save a baby from adenoid growths do not exist, since adenoids are not an edema or fluid accumulation, but an anatomical formation.
A completely different matter Adenoiditis - chronic inflammation of the adenoid tissue,Which is quite amenable to conservative treatment. Parents should not forget that even after the operation, adenoids may appear again. The cause of recurrence can be and not completely removed tissue, and allergies, and hereditary predisposition. In addition, it is believed that if you remove adenoids at an earlier age, the risk of their new appearance is much higher.

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