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Beautiful and lonely


First of all, you must clearly understand for yourself: You were not abandoned, you are free! Do not need to go over in thoughts all those grievances that he caused to you. The most important thing in this situation is that he left along with all the troubles that he was delivering.

He forbade you to wear a mini to yourBeauty is not stared by others? He never washed his mugs and scattered his dirty socks around the house? Rejoice - now it's all in the past! You are free, and now no one will indicate what you need to do.


It's time to become what anyone would want you to beMan. But at the same time remain completely inaccessible! While you have not experienced a break, you belong to yourself and no man dares to touch you with his own hands.

About tight and high heels have already beenSaid. Therefore, it only remains to add a blouse with a neckline, catchy accessories, a bright make-up and an original hairstyle. It does not matter if you dressed like that before. If not, then it's even better, you will definitely like it!


Separately it is necessary to tell about underwear. Open the cabinet and look at the panties and bras. How old are they? A year, two, three? This is not the case, you urgently need a new underwear!

It is proved: when a beautiful new underwear is on a woman, she feels much better. Therefore, immediately go to the laundry store to get a lace kit.

It does not matter that no one will see what kind of underwear you have. The main thing is that you yourself know how you are irresistible under your clothes!


Did you deny yourself food, because he said that you are fuller? So, it's time to regale something special, and when the feast of the stomach is over, you can go on a diet.

You can get out with friends in your favorite cafe andPlease yourself with hot croissants. But even more fun will cook a great dinner (with a cake for dessert!), Collect girlfriends at home and arrange a bachelorette party with cheerful comedies or even horror movies! Just do not choose melodramas - they will be inopportunely.


Get a cat! Or at least take it from someone for a while. Firstly, you will not feel so alone. Secondly, notice how proud she is, proud and graceful! You have something to learn from her. Remember the movie "Batman" - a female cat is cunning and does not forgive mistakes. Insidious, of course, not necessarily, but in no case should not justify a man in their eyes and the eyes of others. Take revenge on him by simply enjoying life and will not be sad from his departure!


There is something left in your house that constantlyRecalls it? Do not feel sorry for it, throw it away and do not even think about it! And it would be even better to collect all photos, his things and souvenirs, which he gave, into one box and arrange a farewell bonfire from memories. Go to nature and boldly burn everything that could remind you of it. Look at the fire - and you will feel how calm comes. First, in itself contemplation of the fire calms. And secondly, you really leave it in the past with this ritual!


Great distraction from the problems of your favorite pastime. It's time to quickly find a new hobby that will help you feel at the height! The best, perhaps, dancing - choose something exotic, for example a sixth striptease! In modern studios today are taught this direction.

It also helps to learn how to master yoga - you can practice it today in almost every sports club and beauty salon. Working with body and mind will help you become more relaxed and sexually.


Many, left without a partner, immediately rushIn search of a new one. Naturally, I want to find solace in someone's arms. But best of all, if it's Mom's embrace! Mom will always understand and find the best encouraging words.

As for the new love - while revel in your freedom, and only when you really feel that you are ready for a new relationship, you can think about finding a new partner.

In the meantime ... While you are free, beautiful and sexy! Enjoy life!

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