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Romance of a man

Everything on this romance for the man is over. If you really want to give your favorite romantic evening, save him from these commonplace everyday things.

Rule 2. Take on the organization of an event

Organization of trips, picnics and tripsUsually engaged in men. If you suddenly take on all the organizational duties and make your loved one a surprise like a birthday party, a trip to ski, etc., it will be very romantic. You took care of him, took all the difficulties on yourself, and he can share with you the joy of this event. This is real romance.

Rule 3. Add humor

Men are not thrilled with sentimentalManifestations of love, but if you add a little humor to them, it will be quite another matter. The way can be anything, from sweets with funny notes, to gifts that are hidden somewhere, and before you take them, you need to solve the puzzle.

Rule 4. Sex and romance are always around

Such is the man's nature that sex and romance inTheir head is closely connected. Thus, any of your initiatives in bed automatically become romantic. Not just entertainment, but a romantic adventure. As a result, you become closer to each other. If you do not know what to do in this direction, the simplest thing you can do is put on erotic underwear (for example, black and red underwear is considered a classic). You can assume that the first step has already been taken.

Rule 5. Find its weak point

This means finding what he likes, than heGets carried away, and give it to him. Men are all different: one likes football, the other can not tolerate it and prefers to read a good book, the third likes extreme hobby, such as mountain skiing, parachute jumping. What a woman should do is show that she understands the man and appreciates him, then the latter will be entirely at her feet.

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