/ How to get rid of jealousy

How to get rid of jealousy

1. To perceive sex and flirt with other people without emotional involvement and agree in advance on the admissibility of such events in each specific case.

2. To enter into sexual relations only with unfamiliar to you both people, or outside your city, or with people to whom you do not experience love.

3. Each partner has the right to one "free" night per week.

4. Do not discuss the details of "extra" sexOr completely hide what is happening from the partner. Be sure to agree on how you will perceive the news of a real or imaginary connection if there is an accidental "leakage of information".

5. If you intend to commit something that goes beyond your usual behavior, inform the partner in advance.

6. Always take care of maintaining honesty and trust.

Translation by A. Gerasimov "The Way to the Heart of a Man"

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