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Sexual exercises

And here is the schedule of studies:

1. Hands and shoulders - You sit on the floor facing each other andYou wrap your partner around your waist with your feet. With one hand he rests on the floor, and the other holds you by the back. You slowly lean back ... Practice shoulder muscles beforehand. Lean your hands on the low bench at the back. The legs are slightly bent at the knees, the feet rest on the floor. Bending the elbows, lower the buttocks as low as possible and return to the starting position. Do 20 repetitions.

2. Thoracic muscles - They train well, making love inThe usual knee-elbow posture. Only you need to move more: bend your hands, arch your back. It is very useful to make circular movements with a pelvis. As an additional (not erotic) training of pectoral muscles, conventional push-ups from the floor will do.

3. Abdominal Press - Lie down on the table so that the buttocks areOn the edge, And now take the partner by the hands and start the exercise according to the pattern: several frictions, then slowly rise to kiss him, and just as slowly descend. It is important that the partner's back always remains straight. If it is very difficult, practice first alone. Lying on your back and bending your knees, lift your shoulders without taking the lower part of your spine from the floor. Hold your hands behind your head or cross over your chest. Two approaches for 12-15 movements.

4. Buttocks - The partner is still lying on your back, you are on top. Alternate slow and fast movements of different depths. The main thing is to do this with the maximum tension of the gluteal muscles. For those who want to practice in advance, we recommend the following. Stand on all fours, lift the bent leg so that the thigh is parallel to the floor, and then make 10-15 attempts to get the heel of the ceiling. 2 sets of each foot.

5. Thighs - Face your partner so that your eyesWere at the same level (if necessary, use a bench). If you can, lift one leg and rest your foot on his shoulder. The easier option: you bend and lift your leg so that your knee is under his arm. In this case, the man will have to hold you by the heel. The partner is hugging you around the waist. The main difficulty: when making frictions, it is necessary to bend and unbend the knee at the same time. Change your leg. As a preliminary warm-up, do a very simple and effective exercise. Lean your back against the wall, keep your feet together. Slowly squat until the hips are parallel to the floor. Repeat 5-10 times.

6. Muscles of the waist and back - An excellent example of sporting and creative approachTo the long-known. You lie on your back, resting your legs on the partner's shoulders. Try in the process to get your knees bent or straightened feet own shoulders. And then lift the pelvis. Do not forget to stretch the spine and tendons beforehand with the help of simple inclines forward with straight legs in the sitting or standing position.

7. The bosom - the coccygeal muscle - To find it, try to interrupt the processUrination. The fact that this reduces, and there is the lobno-coccygeal muscle. Its good development facilitates childbirth, and also greatly enhances sexual desires and opportunities. You can train this muscle in any position - it is enough to add rhythmic contractions to the movements. But the pose "woman on top" is considered ideal. It is said that the highest valor of the inhabitants of the harems was considered to bring their master to ecstasy in this position, holding in both hands a burning candle. That is, only by cutting this very muscle. By the way, the way to strengthen the loburn-coccygeal muscle is called Kegel exercises. The essence of them is simple: as often as possible, strain it and relax, the benefit of others will not notice anything.

8. Heart - Perhaps, the most important muscle in our body. Regular sex is an excellent exercise for the cardiovascular system. During the period of greatest excitement, blood pressure can reach 200/120 mmHg, the pulse speeds up to 180 beats per minute, the respiratory rate increases threefold! Stimulated metabolism, the body mobilizes its energy reserves, training vessels. To achieve the same effect on the treadmill, you must run at least a thousand meters!


Of course, we do not encourage you to have sexOnly as we described above. Once the Chinese sages recorded many ways of colic. Of course, these recommendations helped many, although in China they continued to engage in "just love." After all, any sex, if it's fun, is useful. Scientists have already established themselves in opinion (and all the others have never doubted) that regular sex life rejuvenates a woman and makes her much more attractive.

Sexual arousal increases the flow of bloodAnd, accordingly, oxygen to all tissues of the body. As a result - a healthy complexion, shiny hair and strong nails. The very embrace and affection - nothing more than a massage and lymph drainage procedures in one bottle. Lymph flushes toxins, poisoning cells of our body, prevents the formation of cellulite. When the speed of movement of lymph in the body is high enough - there are no problems. If the lymph stagnates, toxins remain in the body, and manifestations of stagnation in the form of an orange peel do not keep you waiting.

Thanks to the "hormone of pleasure" - endorphins,Which is developed at the time of orgasm, love caresses relieve stress. And thanks to the other hormone - serotonin, released immediately after, we easily fall asleep and see pleasant dreams. The circle closes. You have sex, enjoy and grow prettier. Yes, and others are pleased to deal with such a smart, strong woman with smooth skin and a healthy complexion.

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