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The art of flirting

Try to help. If she said between the case that her car is parked in six blocks, ask her when she will leave after some time, take her there. Ask if you can help him deliver the package with the products, if his hands are busy. If she noticed that she was going to paint the walls in her apartment, advise the place where you can buy cheap paint cheaply (or offer your services as a painter). Show that they would like to spend their time to get to know a person better, to help him make life a little easier.

Ask meaningful questions. When flirting do not make inquiries and do not ask about personal. There will come unobtrusive questions like "Where did you grow up?", "Do you like horror films?". So you will let know. You want to know a better man. Avoid dangerous topics and "big" questions like "What do you want from life?".

Show that a person attracts you not onlyToday. Notice that you saw it in the boring conference where you were recently. Remember what she said last week in class. Tell him that you really like his new haircut. Tell me how much you liked her laughter when you first heard him.

Look the person in the eye. Let a man meet with you for more than a minute, but do not look at him. Take your eyes off so that your subject has time to note that the sight was intended for him (and not for someone else who could be nearby). Then repeat this technique, this time with a smile.

Pass by. Perhaps, in order to get into the female toilet, there are twenty-two routes. Choose one that allows you to pass it. Go before him so that he can notice you. If there are a lot of people around you, you can flirt before him quite naturally, as if by accident, I smile on the move.

Touch lightly. During the conversation fleetingly (and speed - here the main thing) touch her hand. It is best to do this after a person says something very thoughtful or funny. Your gesture will tell her that you completely agree with her, that you feel the same. But do not abuse it.

Do not turn away from the one with whom you are flirting. If you are sitting next to you, do not turn your shoulder to it. When talking, turn around so she sees your face. This will make her feel that you attach great importance to her words.

Move closer. This does not mean that you have to bury your nose in the knot of his tie, but you do not need to stay at a distance of three feet. Disarm him, take a step forward. And do not retreat any more.

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